Sustainable transformation to Solar Street Lighting

In partnership with the contractors working for many of the MoD sites across the UK, Asbac Lighting has worked to provide a versatile and reliable solar street lighting solution, replacing traditional sodium lighting and also extending into new zones within the sites. Solar has been a very cost-effective solution for the application, with a reduction in infrastructure requirements, low maintenance, and minimal ongoing running costs.

Needless to say, this is a huge feather in the cap from an environmental and sustainability standpoint, reducing reliance on those carbon fuels and making the most of the sun that shines on us.

In talking to Danny from the contracting company we asked him a few questions about his experience.

What is the Richmond Solar Street Light like?

We first used the Asbac Solar Richmond lighting fittings in 2020, and our client, the MoD, was so impressed with the spec, adaptability, and cost, that in the years since, we have fitted over 500 in one county alone.

Did you look at other solutions when choosing the Solar Street Lights?

Yes, we have looked at alternative solar-powered lighting from other manufacturers, but they cannot compete with the price, warranty, or overall adaptability of the product. They are a very versatile product that can be used in any normal street lighting environment.

What is it like to work with Asbac Lighting for Solar Lighting?

While we don’t buy directly from Asbac Lighting but through a wholesaler, I have spoken to the team on a number of occasions with regards technical queries, delivery schedules or similar and they always respond promptly and efficiently.