The Concept

The Regent offers a top-of-the-range solution to solar street lighting. Built from the highest quality components, the Regent is a split solar panel and lighting head system, providing the same output as a conventional mains powered street light. This innovative fitting uses solar panels around the column to ensure that the highest level of UV possible is harnessed that constant lighting is provided throughout the night.

Turn Your Columns into Solar Lighting

The 360° design of the Regent solar panels creates a solution that takes solar street lighting to the next level. The ability to combine multiple panels together ensures that the system provides the highest possible output while boasting a sleek and modern design. A simple and easy to install collar fixation system allows for the Regent to be fitted to almost any column providing solutions for both new projects and upgrading exsiting street lighting.

An additional hybrid option is an excellent choice when upgrading to solar street lighting. Replacing existing street lighting would mean that there is likely to already be mains power to your lighting columns and the Regent Hybrid is the perfect solution. The ability to connect to mains power provides that reassurance that your lighting will work whatever the weather while still saving on energy costs.



Car Parks

Public Spaces



Movement Sensor

The Regent is equipped with a microwave motion detector which uses the Doppler effect to detect objects and measure the distance from the light fitting. The sensor emits high-frequency waves to reflect off surrounding objects which improves detection reliability and allows for 360° movement detection.

Operating Mode & Schedule

As standard the Regent solar street light works on a dusk to dawn photocell with 30% – 100% light output. This means that when the surroundings get dark the Regent will automatically turn on at 30% light output, then when movement is detected light output will increase to 100%. This ensures that low level light is provided thoughout the night without disrupting the surrounding area but full brightness is provided when required.

If your project requires a customised lighting schedule then the settings of the Regent can be adjusted via remote control to suit requirements. An example operating mode could include:

➡️  4 hours – 80% light output  ➡️  5 hours – 0% to 80% (sensor only)  ➡️  4 hours – 80% light output  ➡️

Easy to Install

The collar fixation system provides a simple process to install the solar panels to the column along with hassle-free plug and play connections.

Easy to Maintain

If maintenance is required, the swing-out solar panel design allows for convenient access to the connections, battery and controller systems.

Solar Panel

Built with a sleek and modern style, the Regent solar panel is designed to ensure an unobstructed sky view and integrate seamlessly into the surroundings.

This innovative design combines six high performance solar panels in a hex wrap around, to harness the UV radiation from all directions and provide the highest efficiency, ensuring improved performance even in low radiation.

The vertical fixation system maximises the output power that can be achieved within a limited space, while ensuring that the solar panels consistently offer the best performance in any conditions, due to self cleaning capabilities meaning dust and dirt don’t build up on the panels.

Battery System

Equipped with Iron Phosphate Lithium LiFePo4 batteries, proven to be the best chemical battery technology for solar street lighting on the market, with a life expectancy of over 10 years. The batteries are housed in a sealed extruded aluminium enclosure to provide excellent heat dissipation while the natural airflow also helps regulate the component temperatures.

MPPT Controller

The intelligent MPPT controller is the essential component that conveys the current status of the Regent and ensures that it is operating at the highest possible perfomance. It provides the system with the best charging efficiency on the market by acting against overload and using minimal power on standby while providing the automatic operation of system.

LED Luminaire

The Regent luminaire is built from an anodised aluminium casing with an IP66 rating. Equipped with Philips LUXEON HE Plus LED chips, the fitting provides an impressive 196 lumens per watt. Additionally, the Regent meets dark sky requirements for light pollution with minimal upward lighting of only 0.31%.