The choice of outdoor lighting for a holiday park can make or break the overall impression that customers feel when first visiting. Therefore, installing lighting that not only brightens up the areas required but also suits the style of the holiday park and enhances the aesthetic is very important.

Factors to consider when lighting a holiday park


Park lighting needs to be reliable, durable and low maintenance so staff can focus on more important tasks. The Fumagalli range comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion and complete with changeable LED lamps; ensuring long lasting and future proofed fittings.

Energy Efficiency

Using current LED technology will give you better light output while also saving on energy costs. Or choose to use Asbac Solar to go completely off grid with100% solar powered lighting.

Easy Installation

Our connex range offers a selection of preassembled fittings to make installation quick and hassle-free, saving you time and money. Additionally, solar lighting means no mains power, so no need to run cables; fix your fitting in place and light it up, it is as simple as that!

Aesthetic Appeal

It is important that your park is welcoming and creates a great first impression. Having the right lighting can make that difference and we offer both classic and modern ranges to suit your style and keep that great character of your park.

bollard lighting

Choosing the right lighting to suit your holiday park.

Bollard Lighting

Low level lighting is often a great option for holiday parks. With a large variety of styles and height options available, bollard lighting is the perfect option for illuminating walkways and roadways, while keeping to a minimal ambience.

Solar Lighting

Our solar lighting range makes it easy to add style to your park in a green and sustainable way. Solar lighting is a great choice for those hard-to-reach areas with no need to run mains power cables. Not only is it an easier choice for installation, but has huge energy cost savings. Asbac Solar range extends from bollards and ground lights to high-level street and post lighting. Every area of your park can be brightly lit using efficient LED technology, while choosing an environmentally friendly option.

Classic Post Lighting

Keep that traditional style but make the most of modern technology. Our classic lighting range offers traditionally styled fittings that come complete with efficient LED lamps. Available with matching pedestal and wall options, and in multiple shapes and sizes , you can mix and match to suit the design of your park. All fittings have a 60mm spigotor an adaptor is available if you would like to fix to existing columns.

Modern Post Lighting

Add that contemporary look to your park with our sleek modern lantern range. Perfect for lighting roadways and carparks, providing light for large open spaces. Complete with changeable LED lamps, offering choice on how bright you light your park. Available complete with columns from 2.5m. All fittings have a 60mm spigot or an adaptor is available if you would like to fix to existing columns.

Our most popular products for Holiday Parks

Mains powered lighting

Beppe 400 Lantern Only Black.png

Beppe 400

Sauro 1100

Gino 400

Elisa 800

Solar Powered Lighting

Portland Solar Bollard Light


Hampsted Solar Post Light



Trinity Solar Bollard Light