Mineralwell Park, Aberdeenshire

A solar bollard installation for Aberdeenshire Council at Mineralwell Park was the perfect solution to their lighting needs.

Aberdeenshire Council were looking for a lighting solution for a long pathway through Mineralwell Park, Stonehaven. The Portland Solar Vandal Proof bollard was an ideal solution, providing sustainable lighting that was quick and easy to install.

With the Portland bollard 100% solar powered, no trenching or cabling was required, making installation simple with no running costs. Designed to run on sensor, the Portland provides low level light without disturbing the surrounding environment, lighting up to full brightness as motion is detected from path users.

An environmentally friendly and sustainable solution, with a fantastic result achieved!

Portland Solar Vandal Proof Bollard

Engineered to a very high standard the Portland bollard offers the same performance as conventional bollards using the very latest solar-power technology. With IK10 and IP68 ratings, this fitting is built to withstand the harshest environments.

View the Portland
Portland Solar Bollard Light

Portland Solar Bollard Light

Solar Bollard Lighting: A Bright Solution for Outdoor Illumination

Welcome to the world of solar-powered bollard lights, where innovation meets sustainability to illuminate outdoor spaces in a bright and eco-friendly way. With the increasing focus on renewable energy and reducing carbon footprints, these innovative lighting solutions have gained popularity as a smart and efficient alternative to traditional outdoor lighting options. Whether it’s illuminating pathways, highlighting landscaping features, or enhancing the safety and security of your property, solar-powered bollard lights offer a myriad of benefits. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of solar bollard lights, exploring their functionality, advantages, and why they are becoming the go-to choice for both residential and commercial properties. Join us as we shine a light on this bright solution for outdoor illumination and discover how solar-powered bollard lights are revolutionizing the way we light up our surroundings.


Advantages of Solar-Powered Bollard Lights

Solar-powered bollard lights offer several advantages over traditional lighting options. Firstly, they harness the power of the sun, making them an environmentally friendly choice. By using renewable energy, solar bollard lights reduce the consumption of electricity and help to lower carbon emissions. Additionally, since they don’t require an external power source, solar bollard lights can be installed in remote locations where accessing electricity is difficult or costly. This makes them ideal for illuminating pathways in parks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces.

Moreover, solar-powered bollard lights are highly cost-effective in the long run. While the initial investment may be higher compared to traditional lighting options, the absence of monthly electricity bills and low maintenance costs make solar bollard lights a financially savvy choice. With advancements in technology, the efficiency of solar panels and batteries has greatly improved, resulting in longer operating hours and increased reliability. Many solar bollard lights also feature intelligent sensors that automatically adjust the brightness based on ambient light conditions, further optimizing energy usage.

In terms of installation, solar bollard lights are incredibly versatile. They can be easily placed in any desired location without the need for complex wiring or trenching. This flexibility allows for quick and hassle-free installation, saving both time and money. Furthermore, solar bollard lights are available in a variety of designs and finishes, allowing them to seamlessly blend into any outdoor aesthetic, whether it be modern or traditional.

How do Solar-Powered Bollard Lights Work?

Solar-powered bollard lights operate through a simple yet ingenious process. At the heart of these lights are the solar panels, which capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. The photovoltaic cells within the solar panels absorb the sun’s energy and generate direct current (DC) electricity. This electricity is then stored in rechargeable batteries, typically lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride, which are integrated into the bollard light’s housing.

To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, solar bollard lights are equipped with intelligent control systems. These systems regulate the charging and discharging of the batteries, preventing overcharging or deep discharging, which can reduce the lifespan of the batteries. Additionally, many solar bollard lights feature built-in sensors that detect ambient light levels. This allows the lights to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn, saving energy and ensuring consistent illumination throughout the night.

During daylight hours, the solar panels continue to generate electricity, replenishing the batteries for another night of operation. The stored energy is then used to power the LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs within the bollard lights. LEDs are an ideal choice for solar-powered lighting due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to produce bright, focused light. The combination of solar panels, batteries, control systems, and LEDs work together seamlessly to provide reliable and sustainable outdoor lighting.

Types of Solar-Powered Bollard Lights

Solar-powered bollard lights come in various types, each designed to suit different applications and aesthetic preferences. The most common types include:

  1. Traditional Style Bollard Lights: These bollard lights feature a classic design with a cylindrical or square-shaped housing. They often have decorative elements such as finials or fluted details, making them an attractive addition to any outdoor space. Traditional style bollard lights are commonly used in residential areas, parks, and historical sites.
  2. Modern and Contemporary Bollard Lights: With sleek and minimalist designs, modern and contemporary bollard lights add a touch of sophistication to outdoor environments. These lights feature clean lines, geometric shapes, and often utilize materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. They are popular in commercial settings, urban landscapes, and architectural projects.
  3. Solar Bollard Lights with Integrated Solar Panels: This type of bollard light has the solar panels seamlessly integrated into the top of the housing, creating a sleek and streamlined appearance. These lights are ideal for areas where aesthetics is a priority, as the solar panels are hidden from view.
  4. Colour-Changing Bollard Lights: For a more vibrant and dynamic lighting experience, colour-changing bollard lights are an excellent choice. These lights use RGB (red, green, blue) LEDs to produce a wide array of colours, allowing you to create captivating lighting displays and set different moods for various occasions.
  5. Motion Sensor Bollard Lights: Motion sensor bollard lights provide an added layer of security and convenience. Equipped with built-in motion sensors, these lights automatically turn on when movement is detected, alerting you to the presence of visitors or potential intruders. Motion sensor bollard lights are commonly used in driveways, pathways, and entrance areas.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar-Powered Bollard Lights

When selecting solar-powered bollard lights for your outdoor space, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. Sunlight Exposure: Optimal performance of solar bollard lights relies on ample sunlight exposure. Ensure that the chosen location receives sufficient sunlight throughout the day, especially during peak hours. Shaded or heavily obstructed areas may affect the lights’ ability to charge effectively.
  2. Battery Capacity and Lifespan: The capacity and lifespan of the batteries are crucial factors in determining the operating hours and overall lifespan of the bollard lights. Look for lights that feature high-quality, long-lasting batteries to ensure consistent performance.
  3. Brightness and Light Output: Consider the desired brightness level and light output of the bollard lights. Different models offer varying levels of brightness, so choose lights that provide sufficient illumination for your specific needs.
  4. Durability and Weather Resistance: Outdoor lighting fixtures need to withstand the elements, so opt for solar bollard lights that are made from durable materials and have a high weather resistance rating. This will ensure that the lights can withstand rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.
  5. Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Look for lights that offer easy installation and require minimal maintenance. Features such as plug-and-play connectors and detachable solar panels make installation and upkeep hassle-free.
  6. Warranty and Customer Support: Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer and ensure that reliable customer support is available in case of any issues or questions.

By considering these factors, you can select solar-powered bollard lights that meet your specific requirements and provide long-lasting performance.

Installation and Maintenance of Solar-Powered Bollard Lights

Installing solar-powered bollard lights is a straightforward process that can be carried out by anyone with basic DIY skills. Here are the general steps involved:

  1. Choose the Installation Location: Select the desired locations for the bollard lights, ensuring they receive adequate sunlight exposure. Measure the distance between each light to determine the number of lights needed.
  2. Prepare the Ground: Clear any debris or vegetation from the installation area. If necessary, dig a hole or create a suitable base to secure the bollard lights.
  3. Install the Lights: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble and install the bollard lights. This typically involves attaching the housing to the stake or base and connecting the wiring.
  4. Position the Solar Panels: Adjust the angle and direction of the solar panels to maximize sunlight absorption. Ensure that the panels are facing south in the Northern Hemisphere or north in the Southern Hemisphere for optimal performance.
  5. Secure the Lights: Use stakes, screws, or other provided anchoring mechanisms to secure the bollard lights in place. Ensure they are stable and firmly fixed to withstand wind and other external forces.
  6. Test and Adjust: Once the lights are installed, test them to ensure they are functioning properly. Make any necessary adjustments to the solar panel angle or light positioning for optimal performance.

Maintenance of solar-powered bollard lights is minimal but essential to ensure their longevity:

    • Regularly clean the solar panels to remove dirt, dust, and debris, which can reduce their efficiency.
    • Check the batteries periodically to ensure they are charging and discharging properly. If necessary, replace the batteries with new ones.
    • Inspect the lights for any signs of damage, loose connections, or corrosion. Repair or replace any faulty components promptly.

By following these installation and maintenance practices, you can enjoy reliable and long-lasting performance from your solar bollard lights.

Applications of Solar-Powered Bollard Lights

Solar-powered bollard lights are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. Some common applications include:

  1. Pathway Lighting: Solar bollard lights are ideal for illuminating pathways, walkways, and sidewalks. They provide a guiding light, enhancing safety and visibility during nighttime strolls.
  2. Garden and Landscape Lighting: Use solar bollard lights to highlight specific landscaping features, such as garden beds, trees, or water features. These lights add a touch of elegance and create a magical ambiance in outdoor spaces.
  3. Driveway and Parking Lot Lighting: Illuminate driveways, parking lots, and carports with solar bollard lights to enhance visibility and safety. They guide vehicles and pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents.
  4. Public Spaces and Parks: Solar bollard lights are commonly used in public spaces, parks, and recreational areas to provide lighting without the need for complex wiring or trenching. They create a welcoming and safe environment for visitors.
  5. Commercial and Architectural Lighting: Solar bollard lights are increasingly being incorporated into commercial buildings, shopping centres, and architectural projects. They enhance the aesthetic appeal and contribute to sustainable design practices.
  6. Security Lighting: Motion sensor-equipped solar bollard lights are an effective security measure for residential and commercial properties. They deter potential intruders and provide peace of mind.

Comparing Solar-Powered Bollard Lights to Traditional Lighting Options

Solar-powered bollard lights offer several advantages when compared to traditional lighting options, such as:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Solar bollard lights utilize renewable energy from the sun, resulting in reduced electricity consumption and lower carbon emissions. Traditional lighting options, on the other hand, rely on grid electricity, which can be costly and environmentally detrimental.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: While the upfront cost of solar bollard lights may be higher, they prove to be cost-effective in the long run. With no monthly electricity bills and minimal maintenance requirements, solar bollard lights save money over their lifespan.
  3. Easy Installation: Solar bollard lights can be installed quickly and easily without the need for complex wiring or trenching. This saves time, labour costs, and disruption to the surrounding landscape. Traditional lighting options often require extensive installation procedures.
  4. Versatility and Flexibility: Solar bollard lights can be placed in any desired location, regardless of the availability of power sources. This makes them suitable for both urban and remote areas. Traditional lighting options are limited to areas with access to electricity.
  5. Environmental Impact: Solar bollard lights have a minimal environmental impact as they do not rely on fossil fuels or produce greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional lighting options, especially those powered by non-renewable sources, contribute to pollution and global warming.

While traditional lighting options may still have their place in certain situations, solar-powered bollard lights offer a more sustainable, efficient, and versatile solution for outdoor illumination.

Case Studies Showcasing the Use of Solar-Powered Bollard Lights

To further demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of solar-powered bollard lights, let’s explore a few case studies:

  1. City Park Enhancement: A city park in a densely populated area implemented solar bollard lights along its pathways and recreational spaces. The solar bollard lights provided a safe and inviting atmosphere for park visitors during the evening hours. The lights were easy to install and required minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice for the park.
  2. Residential Community Lighting: A residential community situated in a remote area without access to electricity opted for solar bollard lights to illuminate its streets and common areas. The solar bollard lights provided reliable lighting while reducing the community’s carbon footprint. The residents appreciated the low maintenance and energy-saving benefits of the lights.
  3. Architectural Highlighting: An architectural project incorporated solar bollard lights to highlight the unique design elements of the building. The lights added a dramatic effect to the structure while reducing energy consumption. The solar bollard lights seamlessly blended into the overall aesthetic, enhancing the visual appeal of the project.

These case studies demonstrate the wide range of applications and benefits of solar-powered bollard lights in various settings. From public spaces to residential communities and architectural projects, solar bollard lights offer a sustainable and efficient lighting solution.

Mineralwell Park, Aberdeenshire

A great example of a solar-powered bollard installation. The Portland vandal proof solar bollard is an excellent choice for lighting in public spaces.

View the project

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Solar-powered bollard lights are revolutionizing the way we illuminate outdoor spaces. With their ability to harness the power of the sun, these innovative lighting solutions offer numerous advantages over traditional options. From their environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness to their ease of installation and versatility, solar bollard lights provide a bright and sustainable solution for outdoor illumination.

Whether you want to enhance the safety and security of your property, highlight landscaping features, or create a captivating ambiance, solar-powered bollard lights are an ideal choice. Their ability to operate off-grid, long operating hours, and low maintenance requirements make them a reliable and hassle-free lighting option.

As more and more individuals and organizations prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency, solar-powered bollard lights are becoming increasingly popular. They not only help to reduce carbon footprints but also contribute to creating a brighter and more eco-friendly future.

So, why settle for traditional outdoor lighting when there are so many more options out there with Solar-Powered Bollard Lighting.

Solar Car Park Lighting Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C - Solar Car Park Lighting

In the ever-evolving world of sustainable energy, one project stands as a beacon of progress: the Hinkley Point C power station. As one of the largest and most ambitious nuclear power projects in the United Kingdom, it embodies the nation’s commitment to clean energy and reducing its carbon footprint. However, the quest for sustainability does not end with the power station’s construction alone. To complement this endeavor, a solar-powered lighting solution was implemented in one of the car parks, shedding light on the successful fusion of renewable energy and innovation.

Illuminating Sustainability with Richmond Solar Street Lights

In 2021, as construction commenced on the Hinkley Point C power station, the need for an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution in the project office car park became apparent. Traditional grid-powered lighting options weren’t easily available and they fell short in aligning with the overall mission of the project – minimizing environmental impact.

Enter Richmond Solar Street Lights, a cutting-edge solar-powered lighting solution known for its efficiency and reliability. This solar lighting system harnessed energy from the sun during the day, storing it in built-in batteries to power the LED lights during the night. With no reliance on the electrical grid, these lights presented the perfect sustainable alternative for the car park.

The Resounding Success of Solar Car Park Lighting

Upon the initial installation of Richmond Solar Street Lights in 2021, the car park at Hinkley Point C was transformed into a beacon of sustainable infrastructure. The benefits were immediate and numerous: 

            1. Eco-Friendly: The use of solar energy drastically reduced the carbon footprint of the car park lighting system, aligning perfectly with the project’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
            2. Cost-Effective: By harnessing free solar energy, the power station project was able to cut down on operational costs, contributing to long-term financial savings.
            3. Reliability: Despite the UK’s ever-changing weather conditions, the Richmond Solar Street Lights demonstrated resilience, maintaining consistent performance regardless of cloud cover or rain.
            4. Minimal Maintenance: The solar lighting system required little maintenance, as it was designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.
            5. Safety and Security: The bright illumination provided by the LED lights ensured enhanced safety and security for employees and visitors during night time hours.

The Expansion in 2023: Extending Solar Brilliance

With the overwhelming success of the initial solar car park lighting installation in 2021, the decision to expand the use of Richmond Solar Street Lights in 2023 came as no surprise. The positive feedback from employees, visitors, and stakeholders, along with the significant energy and cost savings, made the choice an easy one. Hinkley Point C, a true testament to the potential of solar energy in the realm of large-scale infrastructure projects.


The Hinkley Point C power station project is much more than just a powerhouse of nuclear energy; it stands as an emblem of the UK’s commitment to a greener future. By incorporating Richmond Solar Street Lights into the project car park, it not only illuminated the way for its visitors but also showcased the boundless possibilities of solar energy integration.

As the nation continues its journey towards a sustainable tomorrow, the success of this solar lighting initiative serves as an inspiration for other projects seeking to adopt eco-friendly practices. With solar-powered innovations leading the charge, we can confidently pave the way towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable world for generations to come.

What are the benefits of using Class II double insulated fittings?

When it comes to lighting fixtures, safety and reliability are paramount. Class II double insulated light fittings are designed to provide enhanced protection against electric shock and offer several advantages over traditional fittings. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Class II double insulated lighting fittings and why they are a smart choice for various applications.

  1. Enhanced Safety:

The primary advantage of Class II double insulated lighting fittings is their superior safety features. These fittings are built with reinforced electrical insulation, providing an additional layer of protection against electrical contact with conductive parts. Even in the event of a fault or failure in the insulation, the risk of electric shock is significantly reduced. This makes Class II fittings an excellent choice for environments where safety is a top priority.

  1. Simplified Installation:

Class II fittings offer a streamlined installation process. Unlike traditional fittings, they do not require an earth connection. This simplifies the installation procedure, saving both time and effort. Electricians can complete the setup more efficiently, leading to increased productivity and reduced installation costs.

  1. Flexibility:

Another significant advantage of Class II double insulated lighting fittings is their flexibility in usage. These fittings eliminate the need for an earth connection, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and environments. Whether it's an older building with limited electrical infrastructure or a location with specific electrical regulations, Class II fittings provide a reliable lighting solution.

  1. Reduced Maintenance:

Double insulation not only enhances safety but also contributes to the overall durability of the lighting fittings. Class II fittings are designed to minimise the risk of electrical faults, ensuring a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements. With fewer maintenance demands, both time and cost expenditures are lowered, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

  1. Compliance:

Class II double insulated light fittings adhere to stringent safety standards and regulations. They undergo rigorous testing to meet industry requirements, providing peace of mind that you are using a reliable and compliant product. By choosing Class II fittings, you can ensure that your lighting installation meets the necessary safety standards.

In Conclusion:

Class II double insulated light fittings offer a range of benefits, making them an attractive choice for various applications. With enhanced safety features, simplified installation, flexibility, reduced maintenance needs, and compliance with safety standards, these fittings provide a reliable and efficient lighting solution. However, it's essential to remember that proper electrical installation practices and adherence to local electrical codes and regulations are still crucial. When installing or maintaining light fittings, consulting a qualified electrician is always recommended to ensure compliance and safety. By choosing Class II double insulated lighting fittings, you can enjoy the benefits of improved safety and reliability in your lighting system.

Testimonial - Solar Street Lighting

Sustainable transformation to Solar Street Lighting

In partnership with the contractors working for many of the MoD sites across the UK, Asbac Lighting has worked to provide a versatile and reliable solar street lighting solution, replacing traditional sodium lighting and also extending into new zones within the sites. Solar has been a very cost-effective solution for the application, with a reduction in infrastructure requirements, low maintenance, and minimal ongoing running costs.

Needless to say, this is a huge feather in the cap from an environmental and sustainability standpoint, reducing reliance on those carbon fuels and making the most of the sun that shines on us.

In talking to Danny from the contracting company we asked him a few questions about his experience.

What is the Richmond Solar Street Light like?

We first used the Asbac Solar Richmond lighting fittings in 2020, and our client, the MoD, was so impressed with the spec, adaptability, and cost, that in the years since, we have fitted over 500 in one county alone.

Did you look at other solutions when choosing the Solar Street Lights?

Yes, we have looked at alternative solar-powered lighting from other manufacturers, but they cannot compete with the price, warranty, or overall adaptability of the product. They are a very versatile product that can be used in any normal street lighting environment.

What is it like to work with Asbac Lighting for Solar Lighting?

While we don’t buy directly from Asbac Lighting but through a wholesaler, I have spoken to the team on a number of occasions with regards technical queries, delivery schedules or similar and they always respond promptly and efficiently.

Watchet Harbour, The Esplanade, Somerset

Taunton Deane Council approached Asbac Lighting for traditional style lanterns and columns to replace the existing corroded metal lantern posts that were originally lining The Esplanade at Watchet Harbour.

The attractive harbour town of Watchet in Somerset is a charming tourist location with a fascinating maritime history. The town was originally built up around the picturesque medieval harbour and today The Esplanade provides a popular location from which to view the colourful scene of the yachts and vessels that line the Watchet Harbour Marina.

Our Fumagalli Range of Lighting was specified and chosen by Taunton Deane Council. This lighting range was the ideal solution for this project, offering a ‘Lifetime Guarantee against Corrosion’. This is perfect when installing fittings near the coast where extreme weather conditions can prevail and there is exposure to saline conditions.

Overseeing the specification and installation of these exterior lantern posts was SSE Contracting and we worked with our Stockist Customer, Devondale Electrical in Taunton, to supply 12 of the Elia LED Classic Style Lanterns with the 3.5mtr Horeb Classic Posts. The fittings were supplied in 56W LED version in 3000K colour temperature to achieve the desired lux levels and lighting effect.

These lantern posts match in perfectly with the existing style of the area and provide an LED lighting solution to achieve significant energy cost savings.

View the Elia Range

Considerations when choosing Outdoor Lighting for Coastal Areas in the UK

The UK mainland has approximately 11065 miles of coastline, the furthest place from the coast being the village of Coton in the Elms in Derbyshire – at just 70 miles.

If you are living within 10 miles of the coast on the mainland, or on one of the 6288 other islands making up the British Isles, you need to consider the effect that the sea will have on any outdoor lighting you may be fitting.

Having been born and raised in an English east-coast town, the challenges presented by the elements are all too apparent as one sees the results caused by the corrosive effects of the saline-laden wind on buildings and structures alike.

An area for particular consideration here is the challenge faced when choosing outdoor lighting in coastal areas.

We have seen light fittings corroded away by the salt atmosphere within just 12 months of installation while others are still in good condition after 30 years – once the seagull droppings have been washed off!

If your property or project is in a coastal area (typically within 10 miles of the sea), it is important to make informed choices when it comes to selecting what product or product type is best for you.

The great deal of choice can be overwhelming, however there are some basic considerations that you should consider. Firstly, important base-line requirements for coastal areas are that the fittings should be:

  • Water resistant, with a rating of IP44 or greater
  • Durable
  • UV Light resistant
  • Rust or corrosion resistant
  • Possibly vandal resistant – depending on location and application

If you are not familiar with IP Ratings, this is a measure of the Ingress Protection of the fitting. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

A particular challenge in coastal areas is results of airborne salt.  Sea spray, particularly in rough conditions, gets whipped up and can be carried far inland by the wind. This saline-rich, damp air has an intensely corrosive effect due to the high levels of chloride, which is one of the most harmful aggressors of metals. Therefore, common cast iron, lightly coated steel and aluminium light fittings are quickly ruined and can even become dangerous when attacked by it.

What are my options?

The good news is that there are many options; it’s just about choosing the right one for you.  In this blog, we cover off the various material types – both metal and non-metal – and some of their key features, benefits and disadvantages to be aware of.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is often loosely quoted and widely used to imply corrosion resistance in light fittings. If corrosion-resistance is important to you, be sure to check what grade of stainless steel is being used, as not all grades are up to the job.  316 Grade stainless steel is better at resisting corrosion from salt than 304 Grade, and fittings made from this are the better choice for coastal areas if you can afford them.  You will find many stainless products in mainstream hardware stores such as B&Q and Wickes, however, be sure to check that they are made from 316 Grade Stainless (it will usually be clearly labelled on the product as a selling point). If this is not explicitly stated, the fittings are probably not 316 Grade and will suffer from corrosion and pitting in coastal areas.


Brass is a great material and has been used for centuries in seagoing vessels and harsh coastal environments. It is corrosion resistant and very durable, however be aware that it will patinate over time and turn a much darker colour compared to the shiny new fitting – unless you are a diligent polisher!  Some great examples of brass products can be found at Astro Lighting, with some attractive designs and great options to choose from.  Just make sure you read the care instructions and note they will generally only come with a 10-year warranty.


Copper is also a good option.  It is not as durable as brass or 316 stainless steel and will also tarnish over time, similar to brass, however there are some stunning solid copper products out there.  Just be warned, you will need deep pockets; take, for example, the Norlys Chelsea range.


This is often used in outdoor lighting and is attractive due to its lower cost and initial appearance; however, unless it has been properly treated, it will corrode quickly in salty air, and you will likely be disappointed.  That said, there is one recommendable range of aluminium fittings which is an exception to this, manufactured by Noral from 99.9% pure aluminium.  Thanks to their 7-step surface treatment and powder coating process, they come with a 20-year warranty.  Unsurprisingly, this quality is reflected in the price bracket, but if you can afford them, you will not be disappointed.


Moving on from Metals, to Composite and Plastic-based products, you enter an arena of more affordable yet timeless products, with some stunning guarantees.


A newer composition of materials, EPMM is becoming more popular due to its UV-stable and corrosion-resistant properties. It is made up of ground marble powder, latex and bonded together with ATP adhesive. This is the material that the popular stylish Elstead lighting use for their Bedford range of Coastal lighting.


Resin is an all-time favourite, and similar to EPMM, it is also corrosion-resistant and UV stable.  What’s more, resin light fittings made will typically have an impressive lifetime guarantee against corrosion and are very strong and durable. Fumagalli are one of a very few companies who make their range of light fittings using Resin, for example the timeless designs of their Classic and Modern ranges. True to form, Fumagalli fittings are widely known for their strength and robustness even in harsh conditions, backed up by impact-resistant properties and a lifetime guarantee against corrosion.

Polymers and Polycarbonate

Light fittings are also available in a variety of plastic polymers, polycarbonate, and similar products under the generic ‘plastic’ umbrella. These will generally be at the cheapest end of the spectrum, and while being reasonably durable, they often lack the quality of fittings from the more resilient materials listed above. They do, however, fill the gap where price is the sole or all-important consideration.


The list wouldn’t be complete without reference to wooden fittings. Although not widely used, there are ranges on the market incorporating the above materials into wooden fittings. Done well, these can produce attractive results, clearly reflected in the price you have to pay.

LED Light source.

While not the subject of this blog, with the drive towards energy efficiency, be sure to select fittings that use LED light sources.  Choose products that you can readily obtain replacement LEDs for, rather than ones that must be discarded if the LED fails.


So finally, a word of advice before you go rushing out to buy your lights for that new patio, renovation, building project or outdoor recreation area; carefully consider the ongoing maintenance of the fittings you choose, and the light source incorporated into the fittings.

Roy Humphrey Prestige Cars, Suffolk

Roy Humphrey Prestige Cars required a cost-effective exterior lighting solution for their new-build high class car showroom in Eye, Suffolk. They needed a style of lighting to complement the impressive new showroom building and enhance the outdoor space.

We worked with a local Stockist Electrical Wholesaler to supply fittings from the Gino 400 Urban Modern range and were able to offer a matching solution with the same style Gino Twin Head Lantern Post at 4.3m height and Gino Pedestal Lantern for low level lighting. The Lantern Posts were supplied as 2 x 60W LED giving an impressive 14,400 lumens output and the Pedestal Lantern were supplied as the 42W LED versions.

The customer was very pleased with the smart, contemporary style and energy-efficient result achieved using the Fumagalli range of resin-made lighting, which all come with a ‘Lifetime Guarantee against Corrosion’.

View the Gino Range

RHS Garden Rosemoor, North Devon

RHS Garden in Rosemoor is rich in horticultural heritage and is a very popular and beautiful place to visit in North Devon.

When a lighting solution was required for the extension to the main visitor car park, RHS Rosemoor approached Asbac Lighting for the solution. We worked with our stockist customer, CEF Bideford, and Mr Bob Jackson and his team at RHS Rosemoor on the project.

We supplied the Gino 400 60W LED Lanterns as a Twin Head System along with the Akille 5m Modern Style Posts. The sleek design of these lantern posts complimented the car park area to achieve an overall stunning and highly energy efficient result.

View the Gino Range

exterior lighting

Introducing the Teresa and the Aldo

Recessed deck lights and downlights offer a modern and attractive lighting solution for a wide range of applications. As a contemporary and modish way of adding style and value to your exterior decking, soffits and other outdoor surfaces (e.g. walls/floors/steps), recessed lighting ensures your commercial or residential space looks and feels bright.

Versatility, aesthetic and safety are the top reasons for choosing downlights, ground lights and decking lights for your outdoor space. These types of lighting will illuminate paths and stairways to reduce the risk of falling and can also be used to create stand-out features that will impress guests and/or residents from the offset.

But what’s important when it comes to choosing the right lights for your needs? It needs to look good, offer excellent performance and be able to withstand the elements… and that’s where the Teresa and Aldo come in.

Discover Aldo

The Aldo luminaire is suitable for in-ground and wall-recessed installation and has been developed in several sleek cover designs for maximum coherence with the appearance and goals of all different projects. The cover has no visible screws and the fitting is manufactured from a durable, UV-resistant and shockproof resin that can be walked over – making it ideal for installation along walkways with frequent foot traffic.

The installation housing is completely watertight for safe electrical connection and should be fixed into the ground or cemented into a wall (it can be cut to adjust the depth). As an IP67 rated fitting it is also protected against dust and sand ingress. This compact luminaire is available in four cover design styles (plain round, plain square, one opening and two openings), three cover colours (grey, white and black) and four diffuser colours – perfect for creating the perfect ambience.


LED lighting

Discover Teresa

When it comes to bringing life and character to decking, ceilings and soffits, the Teresa fitting offers unparalleled potential. The spring fixing makes them easy to install in a variety of environments and the choice of colour and diffuser options ensures they can be incorporated into a whole range of exteriors and interiors. Deck lighting is a fast-growing trend and when the sun starts to set and night falls, gardens and exterior areas will be transformed. The soft yet powerful luminance of the Teresa will help customers achieve mood and ambience, but the light will also double up as a security measure against potential intruders.

The lack of visible screws makes for a smooth and clean finish and the tough construction (including IP67 rated components and shockproof resin design) will give customers peace of mind that their lighting is tough and impressive. For customised ambience, the Teresa is available in 3 cover colours and four diffuser shades.



Don’t compromise. Choose the Aldo and Teresa 

The attention to durable construction, lighting performance, versatility and stylish aesthetic are what set Aldo and Teresa lighting apart from the rest. These luminaires are complete with G9 LED lamps and include a ‘Lifetime Guarantee against Corrosion’ to ensure peace of mind.

Discover more about the compact and impressive Aldo and Teresa luminaires today, call our team on 0330 700 3000 or email sales@asbaclighting.com


exterior park lighting

How Important Is Exterior Lighting On A Holiday Park?

The success of a holiday park relies on a lot of factors. From the pruned shrubs outside the reception to the signage at the entrance gate, it’s the attention to detail and careful product selection that can make providing an impressive experience for visitors and staff so simple.

When it comes to guaranteeing an impression while improving aesthetic appeal and efficiency, exterior lighting is a gamechanger. In this guide, we’ll consider why high-quality exterior lighting could prove to be an invaluable addition to your holiday park.

Why use exterior lighting? 

No matter what sort of residence or property you operate or live in, exterior lighting is a multifaceted inclusion that has a lot of potentials. For one, it can illuminate signage, markings and the roadways to improve navigation and safety on site.

The right design of exterior lighting can also completely elevate the way the park looks while still providing functional solutions all across the park. Balance is key and the qualities of good exterior lighting can support success.

What qualities should exterior lighting have?


Park lighting needs to be durable, reliable and low maintenance so staff are able to devote more time to other tasks.

Asbac’s lighting is manufactured with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. Is your holiday park close to the beach or seawater? The lifetime guarantee also ensures that fixings won’t deteriorate in saline environments.

If a park light gets damaged, it can be incredibly costly to replace the whole fitting. However, all of Asbac’s fittings come with modular lamps that are easy to replace. All you have to do is replace the single lamps rather than the whole fittings.

Aesthetic Appeal

A great first impression is a top requirement for any holiday park. Exterior lighting should work cohesively with its environment and be designed in such a way that the lighting is clear and refined, both for the luminaire body and the lamp.

Asbac’s Fumagalli range of lighting is sleek and stylish, ideal for any park. The huge choice of ranges only adds to the choice that park management can make to ensure the aesthetics and character of their park are consistent.

Energy Efficient 

Gone are the days where incandescent and inefficient halogen light bulbs reigned supreme on the lighting market. Consumer and environmental demands have led to the development of fresher, newer and all-round more advantageous lighting options.

Contemporary LED options can be a key way for holiday parks to save money and energy. All of Asbac’s lighting comes with high-efficiency LED options so that less energy can be used while still offering the same, bright output for impressive illumination.

bollard lighting

Choosing exterior lighting for holiday parks

Aesthetic, functionality and characteristics are all great starting points for choosing new exterior lighting for your holiday park.

When you choose exterior lighting for your leisure park or resorts, you should trust that it will stand the test of time and improve the way your park operates. At Asbac, we believe our products are capable of all of the above.

That’s why we’ve put some of our most popular products below:

Classic Post Lighting

Stay traditional with Asbac’s Classic post lighting. Classic lighting harkens back to a pure feeling of traditionalism and stands out with a refined finish that makes it completely timeless. The refined style and versatility make this type of lighting suitable for so many styles of park.

Asbac offers a range of different post heights and the option of single, twin and triple head designs. As part of our offering, we can also supply an adaptor to fit our post tops to your existing columns. Matching wall and pedestal fittings are also available.

Some of our Classic post lighting ranges:

Modern Post Lighting

Add contemporary flair with our Modern post lighting. A modern style will inject personality into your site and show off all of the qualities up-to-date LED technologies have to offer. Uncompromised lighting levels with sleek, hard-wearing design can boost the aesthetic qualities of your park while ensuring all visitors have safe, well-lit routes of access in low light.

Some of our Modern post lighting ranges:

Bollard Lighting

Bollard lighting is an understated style of exterior lighting that can offer a great impact on holiday and resort parks. Define roadways and paths with carefully situated bollard lighting or introduce them onto patio or lawn areas for an added aesthetic.

Predominantly used as boundary markers, bollard lights can be introduced into open landscaping areas or close to traffic measures.

Some of our Bollard lighting ranges:

Why choose Asbac lighting as your exterior lighting supplier? 

We have decades of experience of working with companies to supply them with exterior lighting with a difference. All of our products are designed to withstand tough exteriors, are manufactured with strength literally at their core and are fire-rated and IP rated to meet necessary legislation.

Could new exterior lighting improve the success of your holiday park or resort? Contact Asbac Lighting today on 0330 700 3000 or email sales@asbaclighting.com

exterior lighting

What makes the ideal garden spotlight?

Are you making the most of your outdoor space? Intelligent and stylish outdoor lighting can make all the difference, helping you to draw the eye to the best features (and away from the not so good features!) as well as adding extra security. Here’s our guide on what you should consider when choosing spotlights for your garden…

What do you want your spotlight to achieve?

Spotlights differ from other forms of outdoor lighting in that they have the ability to create drama and enhance the atmosphere of a space by drawing your attention to particular areas. Whether this means highlighting the most attractive parts of a garden, creating interesting shadows or bringing an even spread of light across an open area, spotlights can be a fantastic addition to any garden.

Depending on what you want your spotlights to achieve, you will need to consider how bright you need them to be, what direction the light should be going in, and then consider the extent of protection these fittings will need to stand the test of time in your setting.

How bright does it need to be?

Due to the widespread popularity of LED technology, wattage is now less relevant when it comes to determining the ‘brightness’ of lighting. Instead, it’s best to consider the luminous flux, which will tell you the total amount of light produced by the light source.

As spotlights are often used to direct light towards one feature you may be looking for a higher light output than if you were looking for a lantern that will spread light equally in all directions.

garden lighting

Consider the placement & direction of light

With spotlights, you will need to consider the placement and direction of light carefully, particularly if there is a risk of causing glare or sending light directly into a neighbour’s window. If you are concerned about this, it’s best to take a walk around the perimeter of the gardens or building at night when it’s all set up.

Where you place them will also affect the overall impact of the garden. Intelligently positioned directional lighting can highlight particularly impressive architectural features or bring light to darker areas of the garden for safety and security.

Of course, the best solution is to choose lighting that you can adjust when you want to change up the atmosphere of your space. You can tilt and turn our Fumagalli Tommy spotlights and Minitommy spotlights to get light exactly where you need it as they’re fully adjustable. You can place them on the wall or place spike versions in the ground, all you have to do is make sure they’re easily visible throughout the day and therefore won’t cause hazards.

Opt for low-maintenance durable spotlights

In any outdoor environment, lights are exposed to the elements, so you’ll need your spotlights to be durable and resistant to potential external influences. All of our Fumagalli lighting ranges are constructed using a shockproof resin material and they are UV rays stabilised. Our Minitommy and Tommy spotlights have a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion!

Go for energy-efficient outdoor lighting

Typically you will find that outdoor spotlights have either halogen or LED lamps, but halogen uses up more power than LED and also doesn’t last as long. The Tommy and Mintommy ranges are supplied with TÜV approved long-life and efficient GX53 LED and GU10 LED lamps respectively, both of which have an impressive 25,000 hour lifetime.

With LED lamps you will get a higher light output while consuming less energy, for example, our 3.5W LED GU10 lamp will provide a similar output to a 50W halogen lamp despite the higher wattage. Not only will you save on energy by choosing LED, but you’ll also save on purchasing new bulbs often and avoid the hassle of changing them over.

garden features

Which spotlights should you choose?

The Fumagalli Italian-made Tommy and Minitommy are comprised of smart, adaptable spotlights that can bring efficient and long-lasting illumination to your gardens! Both available in wall or spike with single or twin head options.

Order your Fumagalli spotlights today, give us a call on 0330 700 3000 or email sales@asbaclighting.com

Abram 190 Surface Wall Light Photo

NEW - Abram & Lorenza Wall Lights

The solutions for outdoor lighting are limitless but making the right choice should never be limited. Lighting is designed to inspire spaces and influence atmosphere and with the Fumagalli products from Asbac Lighting, you can light up a space the way you want.

That’s why we’re introducing two new ranges of exterior lighting designed to bring your commercial and residential areas back to life.

Abram Range

Our brand new Abram Up & Down fittings are manufactured from a shockproof resin material.

As part of our Up & Down Lighting range, the Abram is designed to provide any premises with a new and refreshing look that blends perfectly to its environment.

The range is also rust and corrosion-free and has stabilisation against UV rays to prevent fading/cracking and other deteriorative damage to Abram’s design. This means you can install your lights anywhere, whether you’re close to the coast or up in the wetter moors.

The Abram range is available in three sizes: 150, 190 and 270. All three sizes are available in Black, Grey and White and complete with CCT settable R7s LED lamps. The LED R7s lamp boasts impressive light output, the largest a 10.5W LED with up to 1130lm output.

Want to discover more in-depth specification about the fantastic Abram Range? Check out the full details here.

Exterior Lighting

Lorenza Range

The Lorenza range is a fantastic new collection of surface-mounted wall fittings in a slimline style. Joining our Leti and Extraleti successes, this bricklight is built to last in a rust and corrosion-free material and UV-ray stabilisation.

Like the Abram range, Lorenza lights are powered by R7s LED lamps with an impressive 25,000 lifetime hours. They are also available in Black, Grey and White to create the perfect look for your outdoor space depending on your colour scheme and lighting requirements.

Bricklights are a great solution for lighting up pathways, driveways and steps to reduce shadowed areas where incidents could occur. So why wait to embrace the power of the Lorenza range?

Want to discover more in-depth specification about the fantastic Lorenza Range? Check out the full details here.

Lorenza Rectangular Surface Bricklight Photo

Where can you buy great exterior lighting?

At Asbac Lighitng, we’re dedicated to staying at the forefront of the exterior lighting industry demand in the United Kingdom. With quality products to offer and a knowledgeable team ready to dedicate themselves to assisting you throughout the process, it’s no wonder we’re shining the way as a lead supplier.

All of our Fumagalli products come with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion making the fittings perfect for the unpredictable weather conditions we experience in the UK!

Not to mention the Abram and Lorenza ranges have an IP55 Rating to certify they’re protected against dust ingress and water jets! Even more reason to place them wherever your project requires.

Do you want to experience these fantastic exterior lighting solutions for yourself? Contact Asbac Lighting now 0330 700 3000 or email sales@asbaclighting.com

Lighting Public Spaces

Lighting in public spaces is often designed to simply perform the task of lighting the space for the safety of pedestrians and drivers, however outdoor lighting is increasingly being used to not only fulfil this primary purpose but to also influence how we perceive and act within an urban setting.

Why lighting is important for public spaces

Within the public realm, in spaces like parks, walkways and squares, there is a requirement for light so that people feel at ease after dark and are able to see potential hazards ahead clearly. This means that consistent light coverage is crucial, which in turn will dictate how many light fixtures are required and how far apart they can be. As well as boosting safety, lighting can influence the flow of movement, as pedestrians will favour following a path of light over risking the dark.

Lighting has the power to alter our perception of any space and is more than simply a technical requirement. The type, placement and light output of the fittings in a public space will all affect how safe people feel, which direction they travel in, and which architectural features their eyes are drawn towards.

The effect of public lighting on pedestrians

There are various ways in which outdoor lighting can be used to influence pedestrian behaviour. For example, you can ensure that bus stops are illuminated to encourage people to use public transport rather than walk or you can use focused spotlights to encourage engagement with particular focal points such as sculptures, fountains and towers that highlight the historical context.

You can also guide pedestrians to a particular place using lighting, such as bollards that clearly mark out a path. This could be the entrance of a building, for example, which is another place you can utilise lighting such as wall lights and floodlights to boost security and make pedestrians feel more at ease.

Lighting can be used to emphasise pedestrian activity over vehicle traffic by introducing smaller-scale and more frequently spaced fixtures, as opposed to overhead street lights. This can act as a traffic calming precaution as drivers will notice the difference between a pedestrian lit street and a highly illuminated highway and will feel compelled to slow down.

If the comfort of pedestrians is not considered when choosing public lighting, there is a risk of causing uncomfortable glare. The height of a lighting fixture, whether it be a post, bollard, wall light or ground spike, and the direction the light is being directed in, will affect someone’s experience of a public space so these decisions have to be considered carefully. Opting for the highest light output is not always the best solution, particularly in public spaces where there is a risk of the brightness affecting the visibility of pedestrians and drivers. Check out our post on understanding lumens for more guidance on output.

Lighting with durability and style combined

Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be purely functional, at Asbac Lighting we provide lighting solutions that combine durability with style, so that they don’t just create the comfortable, safe environment needed but also contribute to the aesthetic of the space.

Every product in the Asbac Lighting outdoor lighting range is constructed using a shockproof resin material, is UV rays stabilised, and rust and corrosion free. Another feature to look out for is the IP rating, which one you require is determined by the requirements of the public space in question and what weather or outside forces the lighting may be exposed to. Most of our products are rated as IP55, IP65, IP66 or IP67.

The lighting you choose needs to suit the character of the space. It may be that the surrounding areas all have three luminaires per post and it would look out of place to have any less on the new fittings. Other factors to consider include the materials, colours, finishes and any existing street furniture as it’s important to maintain continuity. Particular materials, colours and finishes will only suit traditional settings and others will work better in a more modern space. The key here is to select contextually sensitive lighting, lighting that not only fulfils the roles previously described but has a design that works seamlessly with the immediate surroundings.

The impact of energy efficient public lighting

When it comes to lighting in a public space, you need it to be as efficient and low-maintenance as possible. Here at Asbac Lighting, our products are specifically built to withstand the rigours of an outdoor environment and are compatible with various low energy lamp options, from GX53 LED Lamps to E27 Filament LED Lamps. They all boast an impressive lifetime of 25,000 hours, removing the hassle of having to change lamps often.

There is also a significant cost saving when you switch to LED. Some sources suggest, around £77 million would be saved if all Britain’s streetlights were upgraded to LED. Several councils in the UK this year have discovered the financial benefits of switching public lighting to LED, as well as the benefits of improved facial recognition via CCTV due to the cooler colour temperature that LED brings.

Why choose Asbac Lighting for public lighting?

Whilst they will vary in functionality, there should still be stylistic compatibility between the different types of lighting fixtures that you choose. With Asbac Lighting’s seamless outdoor lighting collections you can use a combination of products to effectively illuminate the space at varying levels while maintaining a cohesive style.

While some spaces will suit a more contemporary lighting approach, others will suit the more ‘classic’ designs. If you’re lighting a traditional public space with historical features then the Classic Lantern collection is ideal, with different options including wall lights, pedestal lights, and posts of different heights with either 1, 2 or 3 luminaires. On the other hand, the Modern lantern collections have been designed for a contemporary city setting with a clean and sleek design, this is the modern twist on the traditional lantern style street lighting. You even have the option to design your own lamp post, with steps for choosing the design of the lantern, the number of lamps needed, and the height.

Watchet Harbour, Somerset

The Esplanade at Watchet Harbour is a great example of lighting a public space. The council required fittings that provided suitable lighting and fitted in with the style of the area.

View the project

exterior lighting

Extraleti and Leti Brick Light Range

What is brick lighting?

Bricklights are a great solution for illuminating driveways, steps and pathways. The recessed Leti fittings are designed to be built into exterior walls and the surface mounted Extraleti fittings can also be easily mounted to surfaces such as sheds, brick partitions and garages.

The adaptable application of this specific style of lighting makes it particularly favourable as it can sit within walls or steps. The opportunity to place these lights in specific locations will improve the ability to manoeuvre safely as the light cast will eliminate dark shadows and potential trip hazards.

What makes Extraleti and Leti bricklights stand out?

The Extraleti and Leti bricklights are a great choice due to their versatility and efficiency. Just like all Fumagalli products they are resistant to saline and polluted environments and come with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion. As well as this they are also dust tight, shock proof and resistant to strong UV rays, meaning that these lights can be used in lots of different environments.

However, the versatility of these products doesn’t stop there. The Recessed & Surface mounted ranges both come in three different size options and each size also has a variety of cover options, meaning that the correct direction of light for a specific area can be achieved confidently. All fittings across the range are provided with a 3W CCT Settable GX53 LED lamp, with the larger fittings including two lamps.

A bright choice of lighting?

These products already come with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion and the GX53 LED lamps aren’t prepared to let you down either. All lamps included in the Extraleti and Leti bricklight range have a 25000 hour lifetime and a 2 year warranty, ensuring that your pathways or walls remain illuminated for this length of time or more.  We know how quickly technology can develop as well, which is why we have future-proofed luminaries that ensure you can easily upgrade to a new LED technology once the lamp provided does expire.

Don’t just take our word for it – Installation by N A Dowrick Electrical

James Dowrick, of N A Dowrick Electrical Contractors, was more than happy with the Extraleti 100 Round-EL Bricklights we provided. He commented that “they were great lights!” and we agree. Plus, even with the ocean air down in St Austell, Cornwall where James installed the new lights, we guarantee they’ll stay in great condition no matter the weather with their rust and corrosion free material.

New Modern Style Lighting Range

We are excited to be launching three new products to our modern lighting range. The Amelia, Carlo, and Franca 90 ranges are perfectly at home in this stylish and durable outdoor lighting collection. With a number of shared features plus some unique benefits, these Fumagalli fittings are designed to enhance a residential garden, to illuminate a commercial building or stand the test of time in a demanding public space.


All available in Black or Grey, the Amelia, Carlo, and Franca 90 are a sleek and stylish outdoor lighting solution. With different options including wall, spike and bollard, you have the option to mix and match products depending on the needs of your space.

These new ranges have an incredible lifetime of 25,000 hours, presenting a significant cost and energy saving option. When the lamps eventually need replacing, the built-in drivers make it quick and easy to do so!

In fact, maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum with this range. They are all constructed of a UV rays stabilised resin material that will not discolour over time, meaning there’s no need for re-painting, and they are also rust and corrosion free. Protection against heat and humidity is in the paste of the material, and all three have achieved insulation class II and a protection rating of IP55. Refer to our IP Ratings Guide for more information.


The Amelia is available in wall, spike, and bollard in 250mm, 400mm and 800mm. Equipped with long-life, powerful and efficient 8.5W CCT Settable E27 LED lamps, the Opal PMMA diffuser ensures a uniform light distribution. Not only this, but it also has 360° light output, giving you an effective omnidirectional solution.

View the Amelia Range


The Carlo is available in wall, spike, and bollard in 250mm, 400mm and 800mm. Equipped with long-life, powerful and efficient 3.5W GU10 LED lamps, the clear outer diffuser is protected against external agents while the inner opal PMMA diffuser gathers the lighting output to form a uniform spread of light.

View the Carlo Range

Franca 90

Available in spike and wall, with the wall version available with a single or double opening for up and down light emission. The Franca 90 is supplied as standard with TÜV approved, long-life and efficient GU10 LED lamps.

View the Franca 90 Range


The combination of these incredible shared features and their unique features makes each of these modern style lighting range the ideal candidates for lighting a contemporary residential garden space. With the option to mix and match between products, you can achieve a seamless, stylish effect. The different heights and styles available work for a variety of roles, from highlighting particularly interesting architectural features to guiding vehicles or pedestrians a particular way. Their durability means you’re left with an aesthetically pleasing lighting solution, without any of the fuss!

As well as residential properties, the Amelia, Carlo, and Franca 90 have the versatility to provide a professional, clean lighting solution for the outside of a commercial building, and are durable enough to withstand the day to day comings and goings of a public space.

Understanding Lumens: what you need to know

When choosing the best lamps (commonly known as light bulbs) for outdoor light fittings, most people will instinctively look to the wattage as a measure of brightness. However, thanks to the widespread popularity of LED technology, wattage is now becoming less and less relevant. The new unit of measurement that should spike your attention when it comes to brightness is the lumens.


What is a lumen?

The lumen is defined as “a unit of luminous flux in the International System of Units, that is equal to the amount of light given out through a solid angle by a source of one candela intensity radiating equally in all directions.

Or, put simply, lumens are the measurement of the total amount of light produced by a light source. Lumens represent the brightness of a light, the higher the lumens the brighter the light and the lower the lumens the dimmer the light.

Lumens = light output


Comparing watts and lumens

Watts are used to measure the amount of energy used by a lamp to produce light. However, despite still being an important measurement of energy efficiency, the move towards the use of more energy efficient lamps means that wattage is no longer the most accurate way to determine brightness. If you want more of an understanding of how bright your light will be then it’s better to choose products based on their luminous flux. After all, the purpose of a lamp is to illuminate an area, so it makes more sense to compare lamps based on light output rather than energy consumption.

Most lamps are now supplied with both a wattage and lumen figure, which makes it easy for you to compare old lamps with new lamps to find the equivalent product when it’s time to replace them.

LED lighting

Working out the most efficient solution

With low energy LED lamps, a higher light output can be achieved whilst also consuming less energy. Our 3.5W LED GU10 lamp will give a similar light output to a 50W Halogen lamp despite its higher wattage, which means you’re getting the same performance but saving a huge amount of energy!

Finding the most energy efficient solution is now rightly a top priority when it comes to choosing lamps. You can compare the efficiency of two lamps by working out the lumen per watt measurement for each. All you need to do is divide the number of total light output in lumens by the power usage in watts; the higher this figure the better the efficiency and lower the running costs.

Example – 10W LED LAMP
Watts 10
Lumens 1200
Lumens per Watt 120lm/W
What should you be looking for?

Each outdoor space has its own lighting requirements and therefore varying levels of lumens will be required to achieve the overall desired effect. The amount of brightness needed will depend on the light fitting and its purpose within a setting. For example, a spotlight being used to highlight particularly important features in the landscape may require a lamp with a higher light output, whereas a classic lantern doesn’t require the same level of intensity as the light is spread in all directions. In fact, in some cases choosing a very high luminous flux can cause issues, particularly for applications such as street lamps where brightness can affect the visibility of drivers and pedestrians.

When you browse our outdoor lighting range you’ll notice that we have included the wattage and luminous flux of the different lamp options for that particular product, to help you in your decision. You can also view all of our LED lamp options and the relevant specifications.

Contemporary Floodlight Bollards - Germana Range


Introducing the new Germana bollard range!

We’re excited to be launching the brand new range of Germana Gabri and Germana Minigabri bollards. A collection of contemporary style bollards with impressive high-power LED output. These Italian-made hard-wearing fittings are to match the already popular Germana Wall Floodlight and have numerous benefits, including a ‘Lifetime guarantee against corrosion’.

The simple, sleek design of these products allows it to adapt well to almost any setting, with the option of using individual products or the whole set together for a cohesive result. There’s two heights available, the Germana Gabri at 943mm and the Germana Minigabri at 643mm, both with single or twin head options. Illuminate public spaces, entrances and gardens with this versatile and stylish range!

Like the majority of our Fumagalli outdoor lighting products, the Pinela range is UV-rays stabilised and constructed using robust shockproof resin material. It also boasts an IP66 rating, which as detailed in our guide to IP ratings means it has total protection against dust and against powerful water jets. With little to no maintenance, these bollards are designed to take on the elements and stand the test of time.

Increase safety in both public and commercial applications with a bollard lighting solution that will increase visibility when a taller streetlamp option is not suitable. The Pinela bollards can make a space safer for staff, visitors, pedestrians and drivers alike, guiding the way to a particular destination or simply providing light exactly where you need it.

These advanced fittings come complete with high efficiency 10W CCT Settable GX53 LED lamps (2x lamps per Germana head). The TUV approved, long-life lamps are highly energy efficient and powerful, therefore maintenance is a breeze and long-term electricity costs are reduced. Not only can you benefit, but it’s also beneficial for the environment too!

View the Germana Range

A Guide to IP Ratings

When browsing for lighting products, you’ll notice that an IP Rating is often included for the fitting. This will consist of the letters ‘IP’ followed by a two-digit number, and provides important about the product! We’ve put together a quick guide to help you better understand what these ratings mean…

IP Rating simply stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ and the number represents the degree of protection that an electrical item has been given. These ratings are internationally recognised and are defined by International Standard EN60529 (British BS EN60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989) so the digits that follow IP mean the same everywhere! The standard aims to provide users with more detailed information than just using vague terms such as ‘waterproof’.

As IP ratings are tested to withstand certain environments specific to a product’s purpose, the different ratings aren’t inferior or superior to each other. It’s crucial for the lighting products that we supply to be suitable for their specific environment.

So what do the two individual digits mean?

1st Digit Definition

The first digit of the rating concerns the level of protection the fitting provides against access to hazardous parts in the fitting (e.g electrical conductors) and the degree of protection against ingress of solid foreign objects.

1st Digit
Protection against solid objects
0 Not protected
1 Protected against solid object greater than 50mm (eg. hands)
2 Protected against solid object greater than 12mm (eg. fingers)
3 Protected against solid object greater than 2.5mm (eg. tools)
4 Protected against solid object greater than 1mm (eg. wires)
5 Protected against dust – where there is sufficient amount to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment
6 Total protection against dust
X Protection against solid objects is not defined

2nd Digit Definition

The second concerns the level of protection provided against various degrees of moisture such as drips, submersion in water, sprays etc.

2nd Digit
Protection against liquids
0 Not protected
1 Protected against dripping water greater than 50mm
2 Protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15°
3 Protected against spraying water
4 Protected against splashing water
5 Protected against water jets from any direction
6 Protected against heavy seas
7 Protected against the effects of immersion between 15cm and 100cm
8 Protected against long periods of immersion under pressure

Therefore, a light fitting with an IP68 rating would be fully protected against dust and water. A great example is the Portland bollard, with an IP68 rating, this fitting is perfect for coastal environments.

All Asbac Lighting products have an IP55 rating or higher. While IP55 is perfect for many external lighting applications, certain applications may require a higher IP rating. For example, an in-ground light fitting will be more likely to be immersed in water if it rains, so our Ceci 90 ground light has an IP67 rating, giving it protection against the elements.

When purchasing external light fittings, consideration needs to be made for where the light fitting is going to be installed and the effects that its surroundings may have. When looking to install lighting in a coastal environment a higher IP Rating is going to be a better choice. However, the absolute minimum rating you should be looking for when installing a outdoor light fitting is IP44.

The Perfect Outdoor Lighting for Holiday Parks

Reliable and efficient Outdoor Lighting is an absolute must within the holiday park sector, and our Italian-made Fumagalli Lighting ranges have already proved to be the obvious lighting choice for many major parks across the UK…

So why is choosing the right lighting for a holiday park so important?


With the large numbers of visitors entering and exiting each year, park lighting should be durable, reliable and relatively maintenance free, so staff can focus on other things. All our ranges come with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion and are constructed using highly durable resin material.


Safety is undoubtedly vital when providing visitors with the perfect holiday experience. Feeling secure can make the difference between someone choosing to return or not, and lighting plays an important part. People want to relax knowing they can safely navigate the park at any time.


The Fumagalli products utilise the latest LED lighting technology. Not only is LED more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs, meaning lower electricity bills, but they also produce a higher output and are of course better for the environment.

Aesthetic appeal

A holiday park should be an inviting environment, and with carefully selected lighting from posts, to bollards and ground lights, you can achieve the desired impact. The impressive Fumagalli range is not only reliable, but is also both sleek and stylish, capable of adding that extra touch of luxury.


Our most popular products for Holiday Parks...


Urban Modern LED Lantern Heads

High LED output // Discrete internal Spigot Adaptor available for replacing heads on existing posts // Easy-to-replace individual lamps rather than replacing whole fitting // Matching resin made posts available // Photocell options available


Bollard Range

Different heights and styles available // High LED output // Shockproof resin material // UV rays stabilised // Rust and corrosion free


Want to find out more about our products? Click here to get in touch with our lighting experts today.

Create an entrance with driveway lighting

The driveway to a property is an opportunity to create a great first impression, and carefully selected lighting can make all the difference. Not only can lighting help guide a driver into a space, it can also act as an important safety and security measure. It is vital that the entrance to a property is safe for both drivers and pedestrians, and lighting can be used to highlight ‘features’ such as trees, walls, fences and changes of direction as well as intimidating potential intruders. In addition to this extra peace of mind, a driveway can exude sophisticated charm through well chosen lighting.

At Asbac we have driveway lighting solutions to fit all applications, whether it be for a hotel, restaurant, hospital or a home. From ground lights to bollards, you’re sure to find the perfect outdoor lighting for your project.

Ground Lights

Recessed ground lights are a popular choice for driveway lighting. With their simplicity in design, such lights are unobtrusive and therefore ideal for a subtle but stylish arrival experience. The number you choose to use in your project depends on the driveway length, and also whether there are any particularly interesting landscaping features you wish to draw attention to. Position is also important in the avoidance of unwanted glare, which could affect visibility.

The Fumagalli Ceci 120 groundlights are the perfect in-ground luminaires for this application and are safe to drive over. With a plain cover and no visible screws, these will add a modern and sleek sense of style to any entrance, be it residential, commercial or public. Supplied with long-life, efficient GX53 LED lamps and protection rating IP67, they’re also extremely low maintenance and ready to take on the elements.

Another option is the Ceci 160-3L, with a three-light cover for a subtle injection of light and reduced risk of glare. The cover means that only the floor around the light is illuminated as opposed to light being projected upwards.


Bollards are particularly well suited to more open spaces as opposed to walled boundaries, unless used to highlight a narrow entrance, in which case they can be extremely helpful as a safety measure. As they obviously take up more room than ground lights, carefully planned positioning is even more important. Such positions need to be where there is no risk of being hit by a vehicle. With an aesthetic to suit both traditional and contemporary properties alike, bollard lights can fit seamlessly within any landscape design.

One of several bollards from our selection is the Sauro 1100 LED Bollard. In a classic style, this product is both rust and corrosion free. Equipped with long-life, powerful and efficient 10W LED lamps, it’s a low-maintenance lighting solution that, depending on the quantity used, can either simply guide drivers to a space or flood the whole entrance with light.


Brick lights can be extremely effective in providing a safe path on steps that lead up to a building or within walls. At Asbac we have three different cover options, to achieve either a diffused or downward light emission.

A downward light is an excellent option for highlighting interesting features such as the wall itself or the floor directly below it. There is also the added benefit of reduced glare, and increased safety for people approaching the property. Our Leti 200-HS recessed bricklight is a perfect example, is constructed of shockproof resin material, UV rays stabilised and comes with an eyelid cover which directs light downwards for a more understated feel.


If you’re thinking of having either walls or posts mark an entrance, installing two lanterns can seriously add to the curb appeal and even increase the value of the property. Our classic hexagonal Noemi Lot lantern sits on a pedestal and is ideal for this purpose, bringing that touch of sophistication and luxury. Alternatively, the medium sized square Golia Minilot lantern is also perfectly designed to sit on a post, with decorative detailing to really impress.

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Introducing: The Fumagalli Elisa range

We are delighted to be adding a brand new range to our selection!

The Fumagalli Elisa is a square LED bollard with a highly contemporary design, completely unique to our range. With different versions available to suit various applications, the Elisa can fit seamlessly within a modern landscape design, enhancing the surroundings with subtle illumination and a decorative edge.


The Elisa products are constructed in a durable shockproof resin material, with UV rays stabilised, IP55 rating and double insulation Class II. Both rust and corrosion free, the signature Fumagalli material is superior to wood and metal alternatives.

Equipped with a standard TUV approved, long-life and efficient GX53 LED lamp available in different wattages, and white resin square reflector, the Elisa is versatile, durable and practically maintenance free.

As well as bollards, it also comes in ground spike and wall mounted versions.



The futuristic aesthetic of the Elisa range is sure to bring a fashionable flare to the entrance of any contemporary building, be it a hotel, offices, or a home.

The different versions available; bollards, spikes and wall mounted, make this an extremely versatile range. The bollards can be used to light a driveway, path, or across an entire entrance. Producing an understated glow and with no direct glare, the Elisa spike can be used to create a stylish ambience and draw attention to interesting landscaping features closer to the ground. The wall mounted Elisa can bring light to the façade itself, marking the entrance for visitors and bringing a finishing touch to an architectural design. All three can be utilised for different purposes separately or used together to create a continuous lighting scheme, depending on the effect you wish to create in your project.


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5 Steps to create your perfect post

With our range of Fumagalli Classic Lantern Posts, we are giving you the opportunity to choose your perfect lantern or globe post.

Simply click here to download our spec sheet and follow the steps shown below.  The blue text below shows an example to help in creating the part code for your custom post.

Please be sure to use the sizing guide on this spec sheet to match together the correct items. All items are categorised into SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or GRAND.

1. Choose a Classic Lantern/Globe

The first step is to choose a Classic Lantern or Globe. There are seven fantastic Classic Lantern ranges for you to choose from, including Tobia, Anna and Golia, or alternatively choose from the three ranges of Classic Globe.

The globe or lantern that you select will give you the first 3 characters of your code, For our example  we have chosen the Tobia Lantern so the first part of the code is Q33.

2. Choose the height of
post you require

Next up, how tall do you want your post to be? Choose from our Classic Post Collection shown on 2nd page of the spec sheet.

Our Fumagalli lamp posts are unique in that they are manufactured using exclusive Fumatech technology, which gives them the same strength as a metal post but with all the advantages of rust and corrosion resistance that only a resin material can offer.

The post that you select will give you the next 3 characters of your code, for our example we have chosen the 3500mm Horeb post, so the next part of the code is 208.

3. Select a Multi Light Post Top System (if required!)

Do you need 2, 3 or even 4 lights on your post? If so, the next step is to select a Classic Post Top System. We have three ranges available; the Bisso collection (to suit small & medium category), the Ofir collection (to suit medium & large category), and the Adam collection (to suit large & grand category).

If you do require this step, it will supply the third section of your code. For our example we have chosen the Adam System 3 with the code M30.

4. Choose a Resin Colour for fitting and lens

Black fittings are stocked as standard; however other colour finishes may be available to you on special order. The lens can be either Clear (Code X) or Opal (Code Y).

The code for the fitting colour will appear first, for our example the fitting will be Black (Code A), and then the lens colour will be Opal. The code for this section is then joined as one: AY -  this is the fourth part of the code.

5. Choose E27 Lantern or Dedicated LED Fitting

Lastly, it’s time to choose which lamp type will be in your lantern/globe. You can select whether you would prefer E27 Fitting or Dedicated LED fittings (which is only available for some of the larger fittings e.g. Tobia, Noemi & Elia).  If you choose E27 fitting, be sure to choose a Fumagalli Filament lamp to go in your fitting.

The code for the lamp type forms the last part of the code. For our example the fitting will be E27 so E27 is the last part of the code.  So our complete code we have created in our example is below:


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You can also view our suggested post combinations by clicking here.

How LED lighting will enable smart cities...


Lighting technology will be at the heart of urban life in 2030, helping deliver more sustainable and better-connected smart cities.
60% of the world’s population is predicted to be living in cities by 2030. To prepare for this massive urban growth, technology companies are developing 'Internet of Things', or ‘IOT’, services for smart cities.
Alongside the upcoming technologies that will define city life in 2030, is smart, connected, LED lighting, which has the potential to transform everyday experiences.
A city’s lighting infrastructure will offer enormous potential to be part of a city-wide network capable of acquiring data and delivering information and services to and from millions of devices, from garbage bins to autonomous vehicles.
Take a look at the four ways lighting technology will help deliver the smart cities and urban life of 2030:

1.  Eco city farming
Beneath the city and in unused spaces, urban farms that use little water can grow plants and vegetables sustainably – reducing the distance between the farm and your fork.
LED lighting has proven successful in aiding growth of plants and crops.

2.  Linked street lighting
Connected LED street lights provide highly energy-efficient, quality light. And they are also sensor nodes on an information highway. In 2030, connected street lights could stream data between millions of devices.
Connected lighting infrastructure collects and distributes data and can therefore improve city life, such as light; traffic, air quality, public safety, parking and other location-based services.
A soon-to-be connected street lighting system in Jakarta is one of the largest in the world, with 89,414 LED lamps and notifications that will warn officers when they are broken.

3. Individualized living
Homes in 2030 will feature lighting that is able to synchronise with everything from the door bell to the television and music, and will be fully adjustable to individual preferences. It will know its inhabitants needs, complement their lifestyle, and keep them safe.
Connected lighting enables consumers to control their home lighting from their phones, smart watches and wifi.
Although consumers might not be ready for connected homes just yet, there’s no doubt that it is a very exciting innovation.

4. Daylight underground
Lack of space will compel cities to extend public spaces underground, an easy transition is made possible by lighting that mimics natural daylight.
The digital lighting system can send positional data to help drones navigate and deliver items, while responsive light walls display art and foster citizen interaction and creativity.