We are excited to be launching three new products to our modern lighting range. The Amelia, Carlo, and Franca 90 ranges are perfectly at home in this stylish and durable outdoor lighting collection. With a number of shared features plus some unique benefits, these Fumagalli fittings are designed to enhance a residential garden, to illuminate a commercial building or stand the test of time in a demanding public space.


All available in Black or Grey, the Amelia, Carlo, and Franca 90 are a sleek and stylish outdoor lighting solution. With different options including wall, spike and bollard, you have the option to mix and match products depending on the needs of your space.

These new ranges have an incredible lifetime of 25,000 hours, presenting a significant cost and energy saving option. When the lamps eventually need replacing, the built-in drivers make it quick and easy to do so!

In fact, maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum with this range. They are all constructed of a UV rays stabilised resin material that will not discolour over time, meaning there’s no need for re-painting, and they are also rust and corrosion free. Protection against heat and humidity is in the paste of the material, and all three have achieved insulation class II and a protection rating of IP55. Refer to our IP Ratings Guide for more information.


The Amelia is available in wall, spike, and bollard in 250mm, 400mm and 800mm. Equipped with long-life, powerful and efficient 8.5W CCT Settable E27 LED lamps, the Opal PMMA diffuser ensures a uniform light distribution. Not only this, but it also has 360° light output, giving you an effective omnidirectional solution.

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The Carlo is available in wall, spike, and bollard in 250mm, 400mm and 800mm. Equipped with long-life, powerful and efficient 3.5W GU10 LED lamps, the clear outer diffuser is protected against external agents while the inner opal PMMA diffuser gathers the lighting output to form a uniform spread of light.

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Franca 90

Available in spike and wall, with the wall version available with a single or double opening for up and down light emission. The Franca 90 is supplied as standard with TÜV approved, long-life and efficient GU10 LED lamps.

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The combination of these incredible shared features and their unique features makes each of these modern style lighting range the ideal candidates for lighting a contemporary residential garden space. With the option to mix and match between products, you can achieve a seamless, stylish effect. The different heights and styles available work for a variety of roles, from highlighting particularly interesting architectural features to guiding vehicles or pedestrians a particular way. Their durability means you’re left with an aesthetically pleasing lighting solution, without any of the fuss!

As well as residential properties, the Amelia, Carlo, and Franca 90 have the versatility to provide a professional, clean lighting solution for the outside of a commercial building, and are durable enough to withstand the day to day comings and goings of a public space.