Introducing the Teresa and the Aldo

exterior lighting


Recessed deck lights and downlights offer a modern and attractive lighting solution for a wide range of applications. As a contemporary and modish way of adding style and value to your exterior decking, soffits and other outdoor surfaces (e.g. walls/floors/steps), recessed lighting ensures your commercial or residential space looks and feels bright.

The Aldo and Teresa lighting ranges from Asbac Lighting offer style, value, performance and more to guarantee a smart and attractive feel for your exteriors. Find out more about these fantastic ranges below and how they can boost your projects.


Why choose down/DECK lights? 

Versatility, aesthetic and safety are the top reasons for choosing downlights, ground lights and decking lights for your outdoor space. These types of lighting will illuminate paths and stairways to reduce the risk of falling and can also be used to create stand-out features that will impress guests and/or residents from the offset.

But what’s important when it comes to choosing the right lights for your needs? It needs to look good, offer excellent performance and be able to withstand the elements… and that’s where the Teresa and Aldo come in.



Discover Aldo

The Aldo luminaire is suitable for in-ground and wall-recessed installation and has been developed in several sleek cover designs for maximum coherence with the appearance and goals of all different projects. The cover has no visible screws and the fitting is manufactured from a durable, UV-resistant and shockproof resin that can be walked over – making it ideal for installation along walkways with frequent foot traffic.

The installation housing is completely watertight for safe electrical connection and should be fixed into the ground or cemented into a wall (it can be cut to adjust the depth). As an IP67 rated fitting it is also protected against dust and sand ingress. This compact luminaire is available in four cover design styles (plain round, plain square, one opening and two openings), three cover colours (grey, white and black) and four diffuser colours – perfect for creating the perfect ambience.



LED lighting


Discover Teresa

When it comes to bringing life and character to decking, ceilings and soffits, the Teresa fitting offers unparalleled potential. The spring fixing makes them easy to install in a variety of environments and the choice of colour and diffuser options ensures they can be incorporated into a whole range of exteriors and interiors. Deck lighting is a fast-growing trend and when the sun starts to set and night falls, gardens and exterior areas will be transformed. The soft yet powerful luminance of the Teresa will help customers achieve mood and ambience, but the light will also double up as a security measure against potential intruders.

The lack of visible screws makes for a smooth and clean finish and the tough construction (including IP67 rated components and shockproof resin design) will give customers peace of mind that their lighting is tough and impressive. For customised ambience, the Teresa is available in 3 cover colours and four diffuser shades.





Don’t compromise. Choose the Aldo and Teresa 

The attention to durable construction, lighting performance, versatility and stylish aesthetic are what set Aldo and Teresa lighting apart from the rest. These luminaires are complete with G9 LED lamps and include a ‘Lifetime Guarantee against Corrosion’ to ensure peace of mind.

Discover more about the compact and impressive Aldo and Teresa luminaires today, call our team on 0330 700 3000 or email [email protected]


What our clients say about us...

'Wanted to say that the quality, strength, and engineering of the product is very impressive, and I will recommend them to anybody wanting durable exterior lighting, especially in inclement and coastal environments.  The installations looks great in action!'

Thank you - it was a great job and the customer is having more of these fittings installed.

Your light fittings are great for an island with a highly corrosive atmosphere!  We try and recommend your fittings to all our clients choosing external lighting.

Asbac Lighting has gone more than an extra mile and given an exceptional service. I cannot praise your customer service enough and thank you for your time and helpfulness.

Great product and fast delivery, would recommend.

Excellent customer service and a truly brilliant product range. Highly recommended.

Can I just say how impressed I am with the speed and efficiency you have dealt with my issue.   I wish other companies were as efficient and professional.    

Fumagalli and Asbac have a wide range of products which are of great quality and cater to our customers needs where other brands do not.

Asbac are priced competitively, hold plenty of stock, are informative and helpful on the phone and have a great understanding of what it is to be a fantastic supplier. Every single person I have spoken to in person and on the phone has been fantastic to deal with.

Doing business and placing orders with Asbac has been easy, straightforward and enjoyable.