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Introducing: The Fumagalli Elisa range

We are delighted to be adding a brand new range to our selection!

The Fumagalli Elisa is a square LED bollard with a highly contemporary design, completely unique to our range. With different versions available to suit various applications, the Elisa can fit seamlessly within a modern landscape design, enhancing the surroundings with subtle illumination and a decorative edge.


The Elisa products are constructed in a durable shockproof resin material, with UV rays stabilised, IP55 rating and double insulation Class II. Both rust and corrosion free, the signature Fumagalli material is superior to wood and metal alternatives.

Equipped with a standard TUV approved, long-life and efficient GX53 LED lamp available in different wattages, and white resin square reflector, the Elisa is versatile, durable and practically maintenance free.

As well as bollards, it also comes in ground spike and wall mounted versions.



The futuristic aesthetic of the Elisa range is sure to bring a fashionable flare to the entrance of any contemporary building, be it a hotel, offices, or a home.

The different versions available; bollards, spikes and wall mounted, make this an extremely versatile range. The bollards can be used to light a driveway, path, or across an entire entrance. Producing an understated glow and with no direct glare, the Elisa spike can be used to create a stylish ambience and draw attention to interesting landscaping features closer to the ground. The wall mounted Elisa can bring light to the façade itself, marking the entrance for visitors and bringing a finishing touch to an architectural design. All three can be utilised for different purposes separately or used together to create a continuous lighting scheme, depending on the effect you wish to create in your project.


Want to find out more about the Elisa range? Contact us today to see how these products could enhance your future projects.

What our clients say about us...

'Wanted to say that the quality, strength, and engineering of the product is very impressive, and I will recommend them to anybody wanting durable exterior lighting, especially in inclement and coastal environments.  The installations looks great in action!'

Thank you - it was a great job and the customer is having more of these fittings installed.

Your light fittings are great for an island with a highly corrosive atmosphere!  We try and recommend your fittings to all our clients choosing external lighting.

Asbac Lighting has gone more than an extra mile and given an exceptional service. I cannot praise your customer service enough and thank you for your time and helpfulness.

Great product and fast delivery, would recommend.

Excellent customer service and a truly brilliant product range. Highly recommended.

Can I just say how impressed I am with the speed and efficiency you have dealt with my issue.   I wish other companies were as efficient and professional.    

Fumagalli and Asbac have a wide range of products which are of great quality and cater to our customers needs where other brands do not.

Asbac are priced competitively, hold plenty of stock, are informative and helpful on the phone and have a great understanding of what it is to be a fantastic supplier. Every single person I have spoken to in person and on the phone has been fantastic to deal with.

Doing business and placing orders with Asbac has been easy, straightforward and enjoyable.