How Important Is Exterior Lighting On A Holiday Park?

exterior park lighting

The success of a holiday park relies on a lot of factors. From the pruned shrubs outside the reception to the signage at the entrance gate, it’s the attention to detail and careful product selection that can make providing an impressive experience for visitors and staff so simple.

When it comes to guaranteeing an impression while improving aesthetic appeal and efficiency, exterior lighting is a gamechanger. In this guide, we’ll consider why high-quality exterior lighting could prove to be an invaluable addition to your holiday park.

Why use exterior lighting? 

No matter what sort of residence or property you operate or live in, exterior lighting is a multifaceted inclusion that has a lot of potentials. For one, it can illuminate signage, markings and the roadways to improve navigation and safety on site.

The right design of exterior lighting can also completely elevate the way the park looks while still providing functional solutions all across the park. Balance is key and the qualities of good exterior lighting can support success.

What qualities should exterior lighting have?



Park lighting needs to be durable, reliable and low maintenance so staff are able to devote more time to other tasks.

Asbac’s lighting is manufactured with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. Is your holiday park close to the beach or seawater? The lifetime guarantee also ensures that fixings won’t deteriorate in saline environments.

If a park light gets damaged, it can be incredibly costly to replace the whole fitting. However, all of Asbac’s fittings come with modular lamps that are easy to replace. All you have to do is replace the single lamps rather than the whole fittings.


Aesthetic Appeal

A great first impression is a top requirement for any holiday park. Exterior lighting should work cohesively with its environment and be designed in such a way that the lighting is clear and refined, both for the luminaire body and the lamp.

Asbac’s Fumagalli range of lighting is sleek and stylish, ideal for any park. The huge choice of ranges only adds to the choice that park management can make to ensure the aesthetics and character of their park are consistent.

Energy Efficient 

Gone are the days where incandescent and inefficient halogen light bulbs reigned supreme on the lighting market. Consumer and environmental demands have led to the development of fresher, newer and all-round more advantageous lighting options.

Contemporary LED options can be a key way for holiday parks to save money and energy. For example, our popular 42W LED Lantern Head offers a 63% Energy Saving in comparison to traditional Metal Halide (HQI) option.

For your park, this could mean big savings on utility bills and money saved on lighting replacements.

All of Asbac’s lighting comes with high-efficiency LED options so that less energy can be used while still offering the same, bright output for impressive illumination.


holiday park lighting

Choosing exterior lighting for holiday parks

Aesthetic, functionality and characteristics are all great starting points for choosing new exterior lighting for your holiday park.

When you choose exterior lighting for your leisure park or resorts, you should trust that it will stand the test of time and improve the way your park operates. At Asbac, we believe our products are capable of all of the above.

That’s why we’ve put some of our most popular products below:

Classic Post Lighting

Stay traditional with Asbac’s Classic post lighting. Classic lighting harkens back to a pure feeling of traditionalism and stands out with a refined finish that makes it completely timeless. The refined style and versatility make this type of lighting suitable for so many styles of park.

Asbac offers a range of different post heights and the option of single, twin and triple head designs. As part of our offering, we can also supply an adaptor to fit our post tops to your existing columns. Matching wall and pedestal fittings are also available.

Some of our Classic post lighting ranges:


classic lighting ranges


Modern Post Lighting

Add contemporary flair with our Modern post lighting. A modern style will inject personality into your site and show off all of the qualities up-to-date LED technologies have to offer. Uncompromised lighting levels with sleek, hard-wearing design can boost the aesthetic qualities of your park while ensuring all visitors have safe, well-lit routes of access in low light.

Some of our Modern post lighting ranges:


Holiday park lighting

Bollard Lighting

Bollard lighting is an understated style of exterior lighting that can offer a great impact on holiday and resort parks. Define roadways and paths with carefully situated bollard lighting or introduce them onto patio or lawn areas for an added aesthetic.

Predominantly used as boundary markers, bollard lights can be introduced into open landscaping areas or close to traffic measures.

Some of our Bollard lighting ranges:


bollard lighting

Why choose Asbac lighting as your exterior lighting distributor? 

We have decades of experience of working with companies to supply them with exterior lighting with a difference. All of our products are designed to withstand tough exteriors, are manufactured with strength literally at their core and are fire-rated and IP rated to meet necessary legislation.

Could new exterior lighting improve the success of your holiday park or resort? Contact Asbac today on 0330 700 3000 or email [email protected]

What our clients say about us...

'Wanted to say that the quality, strength, and engineering of the product is very impressive, and I will recommend them to anybody wanting durable exterior lighting, especially in inclement and coastal environments.  The installations looks great in action!'

Thank you - it was a great job and the customer is having more of these fittings installed.

Your light fittings are great for an island with a highly corrosive atmosphere!  We try and recommend your fittings to all our clients choosing external lighting.

Asbac Lighting has gone more than an extra mile and given an exceptional service. I cannot praise your customer service enough and thank you for your time and helpfulness.

Great product and fast delivery, would recommend.

Excellent customer service and a truly brilliant product range. Highly recommended.

Can I just say how impressed I am with the speed and efficiency you have dealt with my issue.   I wish other companies were as efficient and professional.    

Fumagalli and Asbac have a wide range of products which are of great quality and cater to our customers needs where other brands do not.

Asbac are priced competitively, hold plenty of stock, are informative and helpful on the phone and have a great understanding of what it is to be a fantastic supplier. Every single person I have spoken to in person and on the phone has been fantastic to deal with.

Doing business and placing orders with Asbac has been easy, straightforward and enjoyable.