Fumagalli Heritage & Technical

Thanks to the enterprise of Mr. Giancarlo Fumagalli, in 1973 a small company was born in Varese specialising itself in the artistic handwork of wrought iron indoor light fittings. Mr. Fumagalli then led the company to an evolution, creating an innovative production system, consisting of a galvanized steel tube covered by resin material. After some years of experimentation and the setting-up of adequate machinery, the product started to be appreciated all over the world.

The Fumagalli family then decided to turn the company into a limited company, continuing with the manufacturing of “composite material” outdoor light fittings. The product range increased as a result of creating many new models and the production capacity was multiplied by the use of computerised machineries. Since 1973, Fumagalli S.r.l. have progressively become a worldwide leading company in the manufacturing of resin material outdoor lighting.