Asbac Lighting is a UK based, premier authorised distributor of Fumagalli Lighting and we have over 20 years experience with this product range. Our experienced team is committed to providing durable exterior lighting solutions that meet demands across the commercial and domestic sectors.

With a fantastic range of products that include popular product lines delivered quickly, we are swiftly becoming an obvious supplier of outdoor lighting. One fantastic range we’re always happy to talk about is our bricklights, more specifically our Extraleti and Leti lines. And below you can find reasons why you should want to talk about them too:


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What is brick lighting?

Bricklights are a great solution for illuminating driveways, steps and pathways. The recessed Leti fittings are designed to be built into exterior walls and the surface mounted Extraleti fittings can also be easily mounted to surfaces such as sheds, brick partitions and garages.

The adaptable application of this specific style of lighting makes it particularly favourable as it can sit within walls or steps. The opportunity to place these lights in specific locations will improve the ability to manoeuvre safely as the light cast will eliminate dark shadows and potential trip hazards.


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What makes Extraleti and Leti bricklights special?

The Extraleti and Leti bricklights are notably special due to their versatility and efficiency. Just like all Fumagalli products they are resistant to saline and polluted environments and come with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion. As well as this they are also dust tight, shock proof and resistant to strong UV rays, meaning that these lights can be used in lots of different environments.

However, the versatility of these products doesn’t stop there. The Recessed & Surface mounted ranges both come in three different size options (100, 200 and 300) and each size also has a variety of cover options, meaning that the correct direction of light for a specific area can be achieved confidently. All fittings across the range are provided with a 3W LED GX53 lamp with a white light emission of 4000K. However, the 300 size is complete with two lamps, ensuring a higher output.


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A bright choice of lighting?

These products already come with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion and the GX53 LED lamps aren’t prepared to let you down either. All lamps included in the Extraleti and Leti bricklight range have a 25000 hour lifetime and a 2 year warranty, ensuring that your pathways or walls remain illuminated for this length of time or more.  We know how quickly technology can develop as well, which is why we have future-proofed luminaries that ensure you can easily upgrade to a new LED technology once the lamp provided does expire.


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Image above shows project completed by N A Dowrick Electrical Contractors, Cornwall

You shouldn’t just take our word for it though. James Dowrick, of N A Dowrick Electrical Contractors, was more than happy with the Extraleti 100 Round-EL Bricklights we provided. He commented that “they were great lights!” and we agree. Plus, even with the ocean air down in St Austell, Cornwall where James installed the new lights, we guarantee they’ll stay in great condition no matter the weather with their rust and corrosion free material.

At Asbac Lighting it is important to us that we deliver a high quality service every single time. Extraleti and Leti bricklights provide a cost effective, long term and safe option for those looking to invest in a product with dominant versatility that can be used in public and residential environments. We used our knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients get the correct product for them from our extensive catalogue so that we can stay ahead of the competition and provide the best service possible.

So if you’re looking to invest in Extraleti and Leti bricklights or other high quality outdoor lighting simply contact us today on +44 (0) 330 700 3000 or email

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