The driveway to a property is an opportunity to create a great first impression, and carefully selected lighting can make all the difference. Not only can lighting help guide a driver into a space, it can also act as an important safety and security measure. It is vital that the entrance to a property is safe for both drivers and pedestrians, and lighting can be used to highlight ‘features’ such as trees, walls, fences and changes of direction as well as intimidating potential intruders. In addition to this extra peace of mind, a driveway can exude sophisticated charm through well chosen lighting.

At Asbac we have driveway lighting solutions to fit all applications, whether it be for a hotel, restaurant, hospital or a home. From ground lights to bollards, you’re sure to find the perfect outdoor lighting for your project.

Ground Lights

Recessed ground lights are a popular choice for driveway lighting. With their simplicity in design, such lights are unobtrusive and therefore ideal for a subtle but stylish arrival experience. The number you choose to use in your project depends on the driveway length, and also whether there are any particularly interesting landscaping features you wish to draw attention to. Position is also important in the avoidance of unwanted glare, which could affect visibility.

The Fumagalli Ceci 120 groundlights are the perfect in-ground luminaires for this application and are safe to drive over. With a plain cover and no visible screws, these will add a modern and sleek sense of style to any entrance, be it residential, commercial or public. Supplied with long-life, efficient GX53 LED lamps and protection rating IP67, they’re also extremely low maintenance and ready to take on the elements.

Another option is the Ceci 160-3L, with a three-light cover for a subtle injection of light and reduced risk of glare. The cover means that only the floor around the light is illuminated as opposed to light being projected upwards.

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Bollard Lights

Bollards are particularly well suited to more open spaces as opposed to walled boundaries, unless used to highlight a narrow entrance, in which case they can be extremely helpful as a safety measure. As they obviously take up more room than ground lights, carefully planned positioning is even more important. Such positions need to be where there is no risk of being hit by a vehicle. With an aesthetic to suit both traditional and contemporary properties alike, bollard lights can fit seamlessly within any landscape design.

One of several bollards from our selection is the Sauro 1100 LED Bollard. In a classic style, this product is both rust and corrosion free. Equipped with long-life, powerful and efficient 10W LED lamps, it’s a low-maintenance lighting solution that, depending on the quantity used, can either simply guide drivers to a space or flood the whole entrance with light.

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Brick Lights

Brick lights can be extremely effective in providing a safe path on steps that lead up to a building or within walls. At Asbac we have three different cover options, to achieve either a diffused or downward light emission.

A downward light is an excellent option for highlighting interesting features such as the wall itself or the floor directly below it. There is also the added benefit of reduced glare, and increased safety for people approaching the property. Our Leti 200-HS recessed bricklight is a perfect example, is constructed of shockproof resin material, UV rays stabilised and comes with an eyelid cover which directs light downwards for a more understated feel.

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f you’re thinking of having either walls or posts mark an entrance, installing two lanterns can seriously add to the curb appeal and even increase the value of the property. Our classic hexagonal Noemi Lot lantern sits on a pedestal and is ideal for this purpose, bringing that touch of sophistication and luxury. Alternatively, the medium sized square Golia Minilot lantern is also perfectly designed to sit on a post, with decorative detailing to really impress.

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