Introducing the new Germana bollard range!

We’re excited to be launching the brand new range of Germana Gabri and Germana Minigabri bollards. A collection of contemporary style bollards with impressive high-power LED output. These Italian-made hard-wearing fittings are to match the already popular Germana Wall Floodlight and have numerous benefits, including a ‘Lifetime guarantee against corrosion’.

The simple, sleek design of these products allows it to adapt well to almost any setting, with the option of using individual products or the whole set together for a cohesive result. There’s two heights available, the Germana Gabri at 943mm and the Germana Minigabri at 643mm, both with single or twin head options. Illuminate public spaces, entrances and gardens with this versatile and stylish range!

Like the majority of our Fumagalli outdoor lighting products, the Pinela range is UV-rays stabilised and constructed using robust shockproof resin material. It also boasts an IP66 rating, which as detailed in our guide to IP ratings means it has total protection against dust and against powerful water jets. With little to no maintenance, these bollards are designed to take on the elements and stand the test of time.

Increase safety in both public and commercial applications with a bollard lighting solution that will increase visibility when a taller streetlamp option is not suitable. The Pinela bollards can make a space safer for staff, visitors, pedestrians and drivers alike, guiding the way to a particular destination or simply providing light exactly where you need it.

These advanced fittings come complete with high efficiency 10W CCT Settable GX53 LED lamps (2x lamps per Germana head). The TUV approved, long-life lamps are highly energy efficient and powerful, therefore maintenance is a breeze and long-term electricity costs are reduced. Not only can you benefit, but it’s also beneficial for the environment too!

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