A classic lantern installation to brighten up and complement the surroundings at The Oakfield in Chester Zoo.

At the heart of Chester Zoo, The Oakfield has plenty of history to tell. Originally a beautiful manor house from where the story of the zoo began, The Oakfield now offers a place for visitors to relax and enjoy food and drink.

Looking to upgrade the existing external lighting with more energy efficient LED options, our classic lantern range was a great choice. The Elia classic lantern offered grand size light fittings to complement and enhance the impressive features of this historic building while ensuring that suitable lighting was provided for visitors.

The matching classic lantern wall and post fittings combined with modern LED technology resulted in an efficient lighting solution that doesn’t compromise or detract from the original architecture of the building.

Elia Classic Lantern

The Elia lantern offers a grand size light fitting available with multiple options for installing as a pedestal fitting, wall fittings or on matching lighting columns. Providing classic styling to match surroundings while using efficient LED technology to ensure lighting requirements are met.

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