Mineralwell Park, Aberdeenshire

A solar bollard installation for Aberdeenshire Council at Mineralwell Park was the perfect solution to their lighting needs.

Aberdeenshire Council were looking for a lighting solution for a long pathway through Mineralwell Park, Stonehaven. The Portland Solar Vandal Proof bollard was an ideal solution, providing sustainable lighting that was quick and easy to install.

With the Portland bollard 100% solar powered, no trenching or cabling was required, making installation simple with no running costs. Designed to run on sensor, the Portland provides low level light without disturbing the surrounding environment, lighting up to full brightness as motion is detected from path users.

An environmentally friendly and sustainable solution, with a fantastic result achieved!

Portland Solar Vandal Proof Bollard

Engineered to a very high standard the Portland bollard offers the same performance as conventional bollards using the very latest solar-power technology. With IK10 and IP68 ratings, this fitting is built to withstand the harshest environments.

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Portland Solar Bollard Light

Solar Car Park Lighting Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C - Solar Car Park Lighting

In the ever-evolving world of sustainable energy, one project stands as a beacon of progress: the Hinkley Point C power station. As one of the largest and most ambitious nuclear power projects in the United Kingdom, it embodies the nation’s commitment to clean energy and reducing its carbon footprint. However, the quest for sustainability does not end with the power station’s construction alone. To complement this endeavor, a solar-powered lighting solution was implemented in one of the car parks, shedding light on the successful fusion of renewable energy and innovation.

Illuminating Sustainability with Richmond Solar Street Lights

In 2021, as construction commenced on the Hinkley Point C power station, the need for an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution in the project office car park became apparent. Traditional grid-powered lighting options weren’t easily available and they fell short in aligning with the overall mission of the project – minimizing environmental impact.

Enter Richmond Solar Street Lights, a cutting-edge solar-powered lighting solution known for its efficiency and reliability. This solar lighting system harnessed energy from the sun during the day, storing it in built-in batteries to power the LED lights during the night. With no reliance on the electrical grid, these lights presented the perfect sustainable alternative for the car park.

The Resounding Success of Solar Car Park Lighting

Upon the initial installation of Richmond Solar Street Lights in 2021, the car park at Hinkley Point C was transformed into a beacon of sustainable infrastructure. The benefits were immediate and numerous: 

            1. Eco-Friendly: The use of solar energy drastically reduced the carbon footprint of the car park lighting system, aligning perfectly with the project’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
            2. Cost-Effective: By harnessing free solar energy, the power station project was able to cut down on operational costs, contributing to long-term financial savings.
            3. Reliability: Despite the UK’s ever-changing weather conditions, the Richmond Solar Street Lights demonstrated resilience, maintaining consistent performance regardless of cloud cover or rain.
            4. Minimal Maintenance: The solar lighting system required little maintenance, as it was designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.
            5. Safety and Security: The bright illumination provided by the LED lights ensured enhanced safety and security for employees and visitors during night time hours.

The Expansion in 2023: Extending Solar Brilliance

With the overwhelming success of the initial solar car park lighting installation in 2021, the decision to expand the use of Richmond Solar Street Lights in 2023 came as no surprise. The positive feedback from employees, visitors, and stakeholders, along with the significant energy and cost savings, made the choice an easy one. Hinkley Point C, a true testament to the potential of solar energy in the realm of large-scale infrastructure projects.


The Hinkley Point C power station project is much more than just a powerhouse of nuclear energy; it stands as an emblem of the UK’s commitment to a greener future. By incorporating Richmond Solar Street Lights into the project car park, it not only illuminated the way for its visitors but also showcased the boundless possibilities of solar energy integration.

As the nation continues its journey towards a sustainable tomorrow, the success of this solar lighting initiative serves as an inspiration for other projects seeking to adopt eco-friendly practices. With solar-powered innovations leading the charge, we can confidently pave the way towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable world for generations to come.

Watchet Harbour, The Esplanade, Somerset

Taunton Deane Council approached Asbac Lighting for traditional style lanterns and columns to replace the existing corroded metal lantern posts that were originally lining The Esplanade at Watchet Harbour.

The attractive harbour town of Watchet in Somerset is a charming tourist location with a fascinating maritime history. The town was originally built up around the picturesque medieval harbour and today The Esplanade provides a popular location from which to view the colourful scene of the yachts and vessels that line the Watchet Harbour Marina.

Our Fumagalli Range of Lighting was specified and chosen by Taunton Deane Council. This lighting range was the ideal solution for this project, offering a ‘Lifetime Guarantee against Corrosion’. This is perfect when installing fittings near the coast where extreme weather conditions can prevail and there is exposure to saline conditions.

Overseeing the specification and installation of these exterior lantern posts was SSE Contracting and we worked with our Stockist Customer, Devondale Electrical in Taunton, to supply 12 of the Elia LED Classic Style Lanterns with the 3.5mtr Horeb Classic Posts. The fittings were supplied in 56W LED version in 3000K colour temperature to achieve the desired lux levels and lighting effect.

These lantern posts match in perfectly with the existing style of the area and provide an LED lighting solution to achieve significant energy cost savings.

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Roy Humphrey Prestige Cars, Suffolk

Roy Humphrey Prestige Cars required a cost-effective exterior lighting solution for their new-build high class car showroom in Eye, Suffolk. They needed a style of lighting to complement the impressive new showroom building and enhance the outdoor space.

We worked with a local Stockist Electrical Wholesaler to supply fittings from the Gino 400 Urban Modern range and were able to offer a matching solution with the same style Gino Twin Head Lantern Post at 4.3m height and Gino Pedestal Lantern for low level lighting. The Lantern Posts were supplied as 2 x 60W LED giving an impressive 14,400 lumens output and the Pedestal Lantern were supplied as the 42W LED versions.

The customer was very pleased with the smart, contemporary style and energy-efficient result achieved using the Fumagalli range of resin-made lighting, which all come with a ‘Lifetime Guarantee against Corrosion’.

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RHS Garden Rosemoor, North Devon

RHS Garden in Rosemoor is rich in horticultural heritage and is a very popular and beautiful place to visit in North Devon.

When a lighting solution was required for the extension to the main visitor car park, RHS Rosemoor approached Asbac Lighting for the solution. We worked with our stockist customer, CEF Bideford, and Mr Bob Jackson and his team at RHS Rosemoor on the project.

We supplied the Gino 400 60W LED Lanterns as a Twin Head System along with the Akille 5m Modern Style Posts. The sleek design of these lantern posts complimented the car park area to achieve an overall stunning and highly energy efficient result.

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