Due to the modular build of the Fumagalli Classic Lanterns and Globes, you can create your perfect post to suit your specific external lighting requirements.

Simply download the file below to view all the options, and follow the steps to create your perfect post.

Note – Ensure that you use components from the same sizing categories. All items are categorised into SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or GRAND.

Download - Create Your Perfect Post

1. Choose a Classic Lantern / Globe

The first step is to choose a Classic Lantern or Globe. There are eight fantastic Classic Lantern ranges for you to choose from, including Tobia, Anna and Golia, or alternatively choose from the three ranges of Classic Globe.

The globe or lantern that you select will give you the first 3 characters of your code.

Example – Tobia Lantern, so the first part of the code is Q33.

2. Choose the height of column

Next up, how tall do you want your post to be? Choose from our Classic Post Collection.

Our Fumagalli lamp posts are unique in that they are manufactured using exclusive Fumatech technology, which gives them the same strength as a metal post but with all the advantages of rust and corrosion resistance that only a resin material can offer.

The post that you select will give you the next 3 characters of your code.

Example – Tabor 3000, so the next part of the code is 205.

3. Choose a Multi Light System (if required)

Do you need 2, 3 or even 4 lights on your post? If so, the next step is to select a Classic Post Top System.

We have three ranges available; the Bisso collection (to suit small & medium category), the Ofir collection (to suit medium & large category), and the Adam collection (to suit large & grand category).

If you do require this step, it will supply the third section of your code.

Example – Ofir System 2L, the next part of the code is R20.

4. Choose the colour - Fitting and Diffuser

Black fittings are stocked as standard; however other colour finishes may be available on special order.

The diffuser can be either Clear (X) or Opal (Y).

This part of the code is ordered with the finish colour followed by the diffuser choice.

Example – Black finish with a Clear diffuser, the code will be AX.

5. Choose the lamp type

Finally, it’s time to choose which lamp type will be in your light fitting. You can select whether you would prefer a standard E27 lamp holder or high power E27 LED fittings (only available for some of the larger fittings).

The code for the lamp type forms the last part of the code.

Example – 50W 3000K High Power E27 LED, code ends with H1R.

Final Product Code

Now put it all together to create your perfect post.

Example – Tobia Tabor Ofir 2L 2x50W E27 HighPower LED 4000K, Classic Post Lantern, Black/Clear


If you would still like help to create your perfect post; or you would like more details or a quotation on your finalised product, please get in touch and the team will be happy to help.

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