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With renewable energy becoming increasingly important,solar lighting is a green and sustainable option for brightening up external areas. The Asbac Solar range is the perfect choice with options for street and post-top fittings for high-level lighting and low-level bollard lighting. The range is quick and efficient to install as this off-grid option removes the need for running cables.

As a Premier Authorised Distributor of Fumagalli Lighting, the team has years of experience dealing with the range. Ranging from ground lighting to bollards and post lighting, there is a wide choice of products. With Fumagalli fittings manufactured from a shockproof resin material, the range comes with a Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion.

Connex has been created with the installer in mind. With products preassembled as far as possible by the team at Asbac Lighting, it provides fittings for ‘quick and hassle-free installs’ to help save time on the job. Products available in the Connex range are marked throughout the catalogue but the range is not limited to these products, please enquire for the availability on other products.

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Building on years of experience in the lighting industry, the team at Asbac Lighting have carefully selected a range of lighting products chosen to suit the UK climate. We endeavour to provide our customers with superior service and solve a common problem by supplying high-quality, non-corrosive outdoor lighting. With a range of options covering many applications from small garden lighting to large urban project lighting, our range has the product you require.

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